Several dozen Malone residents turned out for the Village Board meeting this week, to express their concerns about the recent announcement by the village, that sewer mains on some village streets will be flushed over the next several weeks. They were more than a bit concerned about it actually, after recently learning of the damage caused to one couple’s home on St. Marks Avenue, and the village insurance company’s rejection of the couple’s claim. One resident told village leaders that her own home had similar issues regarding sewer backup in February, and if she had not been home at the time, she would have been left in the same situation. While many who attended the meeting this week, said they felt the village should be held responsible for damages because they did not publicize the sewer blowout when it happened last winter, village officials said the problem could have been prevented if the homeowners had installed a backflow protector on their sewer lines, as required under the village code for homes built after 1950. Many residents responded to that, saying they were unaware of the requirement… with many also saying they didn’t even know what a backflow preventer was. Village officials are now being urged to contest the insurance company’s ruling. Village leaders contend however, that homeowners in Malone who are unsure, should have a plumber come to their homes with a camera to see if they have the device.