As a wind farm in the town of Burke faces opposition after that town amended its wind law… the company behind the effort has now expressed interest in expanding the project to Chateaugay… claiming the project would benefit by extending into north Chateaugay, although an exact location has not yet been determined. If it does, as many as 13 turbines could be built in north Chateaugay, and they would generate more than electricity…. they would also produce about $500,000 annually in PILOT and Host Community payments. But as in Burke… if it is going to happen, it would require Chateaugay as well to amend its local law governing wind towers… just as Burke did. That’s because current town law limits the height of wind towers to 400 feet. Town Jericho Rise Wind Farm was granted an exemption allowing towers of nearly 500 feet. The turbines that would be installed in Chateaugay would be even larger… they would have a blade-tip height of 675 feet… meaning more electricity could be generated with fewer turbines. In Burke, a change in that town’s wind farm law has been implemented, permitting towers of up to 725 feet tall, but not without a lot of protest from a lot of folks. While much of that was due to potential noise, the new turbines… according to the developer… would be “significantly quieter” than the existing turbines, and revised setbacks would require them to be placed even farther away from residential areas that might be affected.