A North Country school administrator is off the job, and so far nobody is saying why. Virginia Doll had been the Principal of Parishville-Hopkinton High School, but Doll left her position on November 20th, and now she has been replaced and is on paid administrative leave. According to The Daily Courier Observer [] Superintendent of Schools William E. Collins said that he could not comment on her absence. The paper however, does say that according to some sources, Collins and Doll had clashed over how to run the school. The paper also reports that Doll is seeking an attorney, and she still doesn’t know why she is on paid administrative leave, and neither does the faculty at the school. Doll was a probationary employee and was pre-tenure as an administrator. She will have her tenure voted upon on December 20th at a Board of Education meeting. If tenure is not granted, the board will then begin the process of terminating her contract. She was hired in July 2015, and her starting salary was $78,000. She currently makes $87,525 annually.