Employment Figures Are Released For Franklin County

Employment figures are being released for Franklin County. Karen Johnson has more.


The unemployment rate in Franklin County edged upward slightly in September after holding steady since July. The unemployment rate ticked upward to 5.4 percent, rising from 5.3 percent in both July and August, according to the most recent statistics released by the state Department of Labor. The increase was the first since February, when the rate was 7 percent. The increase left the county tied for the fourth highest unemployment rate in the state with Allegany and Fulton counties. Both the number of people reported as working and the number listed as unemployed remained the same in September as in July and August – at 18,900 and 1,100, respectively. Franklin County was one of two counties in the region identified by the state as the North Country to see its unemployment rate rise in September. The other county in which the unemployment rate went up was Hamilton County, where the rate rose from 3.7 percent – at the time the second lowest in the state – to 4.3 percent. I’m Karen Johnson.