Snow And Ice Removal Changes Increase Service

Snow and ice plowing of North Country county roads receives approval. Karen Johnson has a report.

The Franklin County Legislature approved a three-year contract with multiple town highway departments for snow-and-ice plowing of county roads following a vote on the approved contract covering fiscal years 2018, 2019 and 2020.The county usually contracts collectively with 18 town highway departments to plow the county roads within their jurisdiction; only the town of Malone does not participate. Of the approximately 260 miles of county roads, the towns plow roughly 250 miles. However, the contract approved by the Legislature will phase out the multitier classification of county roads – and the differences in reimbursement between them – over the course of three years. Plus, under previous contracts, county roads were designated either B roads, A roads or A-plus roads. Under the new agreement, all county roads will be designated at the same level. The total cost of the 2018 snow-and-ice contract is estimated at roughly $1.3 million; in 2019, the total cost would rise to $1.38 million, and in 2020, would come to $1.4 million. This represents a slight increase from the snow-and-ice contract for 2017. I’m Karen Johnson.