Potsdam Is Looking Toward The Future

Potsdam is looking toward the future. Karen Johnson explains.

About 20 people gathered this week to begin the process of creating a comprehensive plan for the town to guide its development going forward. This meeting was an opportunity to engage members of the community from a wide variety of institutions and municipalities, including Potsdam Central School, Canton-Potsdam Hospital, the villages, and the county. The meeting is the first step of a likely year-long process to create a comprehensive plan, which the town does not currently have. The town does have a community development plan, but it is vague and outdated in places, according to Councilwoman Rosemarie Rivezzi. “It’s always a good idea to look at where you are, to imagine where you’d like to be … and then try to figure out some way to get there,” said John Tenbusch, a representative of the county planning office who attended the meeting. He adds having a comprehensive plan is especially important as the town recently voted to become a climate-smart community, reducing emissions and increasing resiliency to severe weather.