A Path To Success For Mental Illness

Youths coping with a mental health diagnosis are finding a path to success. Karen Johnson has the story.

Success is happening through the Adirondack Youth Lodge operated by Citizen Advocates.The Lodge opened eleven years ago and serves young people ages 12 to 18 seeking help with a mental health diagnosis after exhausting a wide range of community services and treatment options. Certified by the state Office of Mental Health, the facility is an eight-bed, community residence where young people receive treatment and care through Citizen Advocates’ Behavioral Health Services. The residence is a supervised, home-like environment designed to build the skills and capacity needed for the activities of daily living in the community, at school or a job. Darren Dumas, Residence Coordinator at the Youth Lodge says the primary focus is their mental health, but it is also essential to develop skills that contribute to positive health and wellbeing like preparing home-cooked meals, doing laundry and personal hygiene. I’m Karen Johnson.