St. Lawrence Making Some County Accounting Changes

The St. Lawrence County Treasurer’s Office is making some financial changes for improvement. Karen Johnson has details.

The county is developing a written bank reconciliation policy to make sure the county’s bank accounts don’t get backlogged again. Last October, the county was forced to hire a certified public accounting firm to reconcile nearly 100 county bank accounts that had not been balanced. Some of the county’s unbalanced accounts dated back to 2012. The county has paid the firm a total of $87,205, including $65,300 to reconcile the county’s 2014 and 2015 bank accounts and another $21,905 for 2016. County Treasurer Renee M. Cole said the results improved the county’s cash position by $1.9 million. She said her office has made numerous procedural changes regarding how county funds are accounted for and reconciled. Cole says We are in the process of documenting the internal processes related to cash and anticipate that later this year we will be able to provide the Board of Legislators with a formal bank reconciliation policy for their consideration for adoption.
I’m Karen Johnson