Amy Hewitt was the town assessor in Malone since 2012, until her term expired last year. Now, Hewitt has filed a legal proceeding against Malone, technically known as “An Article 78 Proceeding” as a challenge to the decision by the town board not to reappoint her. Hewitt claims she was terminated and therefore, should be entitled to a hearing under state Civil Service Law. She is now asking the state Supreme Court to reinstate her, and to order the town of Malone to pay her salary and benefits for the time she was unemployed, plus all her legal fees. Hewitt’s term expired at the end of 2019, but prior to that… Hewitt had already applied for the position. However on September 25th, just before the town began to seek applications on October 1st, the board terminated Hewitt’s employment, effective September 30th and appointed a new assessor to begin on October 1st. Hewitt now argues that the board could not have legally removed her from the assessor’s post without a hearing. Hewitt claims that although she asked for a substantial pay raise to be covered in the 2020 budget, the town board rejected that request, and instead… appointed the current assessor… James Snyder… at the same rate of pay that Hewitt was receiving in 2019… before she was dismissed.