First came the prison break back in 2015. Then, the manhunt for Richard Matt and David Sweat…. who broke out of the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora. Then came the news coverage, and that was followed by Ben Stiller’s award winning “Escape at Dannemora” followed by Lifetime’s “New York Prison Break: The Seduction of Joyce Mitchell.” Now comes another version of the story, and Los Angeles production freelancer Richie Elson has a real advantage…. he grew up here in the North Country. His father, David Elson, is a retired corrections officer who still has many friends who are still working at the maximum security state prison in Dannemora. Elson’s new story… “We Stand Corrected: Dannemora” tells the story from those who were trying to capture Matt and Sweat and those who were trying to avoid them. Elson said when he first heard about the escape back in 2015, it hit home, because not only did his dad work there, but he also had friends who were working there. He says much of the media coverage… especially from the national news networks like CNN… were just not getting the story right… and were pointing fingers at the officers. Elson says that is what led him to try to tell the story from their perspective. It’s been in the making for more than four years. Now, his company… House of Mirror Entertainment… is planning a Plattsburgh screening in January 2020.