The current members of the Burke Town Board retained their seats on Tuesday. Supervisor William Wood… a Republican… defeated former Supervisor Albert Johnson 241-140. Incumbent board members Arnold Lobdell and Patrick Downing also defeated challengers June Parmeter and Mary Moore. Only three other towns had contested races. In Chateaugay at last report according to the local paper, the three candidates seeking two seats on the Town Board were separated by only 10 votes. Scott Cowan, a Republican, leads with 221 votes, followed by Darby Monette with 217 and Democrat Jim Harrigan Jr. with 211. The race will be decided by absentee ballots. In Fort Covington, Republican Darrell Mainville received 98 votes, falling to Democrats John Bashaw and John Cushman. Bashaw got 160 votes. Cushman earned 148. In Moira, incumbents Ryan O’Connor, a Democrat, and Burton Peck IV, who was endorsed by both parties, turned back a challenge from Republican Frank Snyder. Peck pulled a total of 329 votes, O’Connor got 230 votes, and Snyder got 165 votes.