In Franklin County, officials are going over the numbers, trying to pull together the tentative 2020 budget which is due on October 1st. According to the Telegram, County Manager Donna Kissane says she has been working on it every day. At last report, the projected budget is coming up a bit short. It shows expenses of $90,256,944 and revenue of just $87,353,788. That leaves a gap of $2,456,620. However, last week the numbers looked even worse. On Friday, there was a projected gap between what was projected to come in and what was projected to go out next year, of about $5.7 million. With the budget deadline less than a month away, obviously a lot of work remains. The average tax cap in New York state will allow for a 2% increase in the amount a municipality can increase its tax levy, but the actual individual cap can vary widely. The average tax rate for Franklin County was estimated to come to approximately $4.61 per $1,000 of assessed property value. County leaders say it is still too early to predict how much or if tax rates will rise in 2020.