If you live in Malone or own property in Malone, and the grass in your yard is more than 10 inches tall, you better cut it or be prepared to pay. Village trustees in Malone, have adopted a new law, that imposes a $100 fee on a property owner if the village has to hire someone mow their lawn… and that fee is in addition to whatever the contractor who does the mowing charges. Here’s how it will work… The village will work with a lawn service company, who will then bill the village to cut the grass. The village will then bill the property owner for the work… plus the $100 fee. The new regulation comes after Malone has been left with paying for several unkept properties, without reimbursement. Village leaders say it’s not fair to other residents who in effect, are forced to pay for someone else’s neglect. The $100 fee is aimed at covering administrative costs, and it’s a flat fee. The cost for mowing the grass will vary per property because each property is different and the size of each job will be different. In addition to the fee, fines could also apply if the village has to hire someone to go to the same location multiple times to cut the same grass that has regrown. If the property owners do not pay the fees in one year, the cost will be added to their tax bill.