A small plane crashed on a road in the city of Fulton on Thursday afternoon. The pilot, 49 year old Michael Simpson of Chateaugay was lucky… he walked away with only minor injuries. Nobody on the ground was hurt. Simpson’s plane crashed in what emergency responders are calling an emergency landing attempt Thursday afternoon. Simpson was flying from the Malone Airport to the Fulton airport when his plane lost power about a mile from his destination. He tried to glide the small two-seat, single-engine Cessna 150G in for a landing on a local road, but one of the wings clipped a utility pole. The plane came down near the corner of North Fourth and Ontario streets in a populated area of Fulton. It could have been much worse. Actually, for Simpson, the crash site was almost perfect. The plane came down directly in front of an ambulance building, and first responders rushed outside, where they immediately rendered assistance to Simpson… who they say was conscious and talking… but still in the plane, which had one of its wings sheared off. He was taken to a hospital in Syracuse for treatment of injuries that were said to not be life threatening. Other than the obvious damage to the plane, there was only a broken light on the utility pole, which was repaired even before the plane was removed. The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are now investigating to try to determine what went wrong.