Malone May See Full Time Taxi Service Again

If you need to hail a taxi in Malone, you might be able to do it again soon. A Malone couple has approached village officials about starting up a taxi service that would be run from their home. Kenneth and Leslie Payne are seeking approval from the village, to operate a taxi service from their home, which is in a residentially-zoned area. Because village code requires that a property must be zoned commercial in order to be used as a taxi stand, approval of their license will require a waiver. And while village trustees… according to the local paper… say that a local taxi service would be a good thing, they do have some concerns about allowing it in a residential neighborhood. Malone has been without regualr cab service for about a decade. A company from Massena tried it last summer, but cut their losses just a couple months later… citing outdated laws in Malone that worked against them being able to turn a profit, despite a demand for their service. Only one taxi service still offers limited service in Malone… M.A.D. Taxi of Bangor. There are also a few Uber drivers providing ride-sharing service.