The Maple Industry Is Turning Into A Cash Cow

The maple industry is turning into a cash cow. Karen Johnson reports.

While hundreds of maple producers have kept the industry’s tradition alive for centuries, New York is going on the record as ranking second in the nation in maple production right behind Vermont. New York’s formerly cottage maple industry has boomed in the past decade with new tools, techniques and products attracting more participants and encouraging longtime producers to bolster their operations. While hurdles both domestic and abroad can deter producers, several believe the industry will continue to flourish. One of those is Helen Thomas, executive director of the New York State Maple Association which has about 700 members says I really think the maple industry in New York can grow to be one of the dominant specialty crops. The number of taps collecting sap, syrup produced and the monetary value of the state’s production has practically doubled, if not more, in the past 10 years. I’m Karen Johnson.