Woman Convicted Of Assaulting Border Patrol Agent

A federal conviction Friday after a four day trial, for 34 year old Catherine Melhuish of Watertown, who was found guilty by a jury of assaulting a federal officer in St. Lawrence County. The case was prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Border Patrol. Melhuish is a lawful permanent resident of the United States, and also a citizen of Canada. She assaulted a Border Patrol Agent at about 1am on September 18, 2017, when the agent encountered Melhuish while responding to a call from the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office about a woman wearing dark clothing and walking on State Route 37 near the United States/Canada border. When the agent stopped and asked Melhuish for her identification, which she agreed to provide, the agent touched Melhuish’s hand to steady the identification so he could read it. Melhuish didn’t like that, and became agitated, spit in the agent’s face and bit the agent’s hand. Melhuish will be sentenced on February 19th.