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Franklin County Republican Chair Stepping Down – Scollin Resigns Citing Self Imposed Term Limit

Franklin County Republican Party Chair Ray Scollin is resigning, effective Tuesday, October 2nd, because he says he believes in self-imposed term limites. The 60 year old Scollin has served three terms, and he says that after six years in office, he thinks it’s time for new leadership. Scollin told the Telegram that he believes political leadership should term-limit themselves in order to keep a healthy flow of younger people moving up, and getting involved. He says despite an effort by some to try to convince him not to leave, he is determined to turn over the position a fresh pair of eyes. Scollin said he feels he is leaving behind a vibrant party community. The new county chair will be announced on October 2nd, Scollin’s last day on the job.

Adirondack Council calls for trail redesign, hiker permits

A new report from the Adirondack Council shows there’s a lot of work to do on the trails in the High Peaks Wilderness Area. Roughly 130 miles of trails are heavily damaged, from overdose, poor design, or lack of maintenance. Council Director William Janeway says the trails need more than maintenance if they want to protect the park’s forests, waters and wild character. Janeway says some of the trails need to be redesigned as “sustainable trails”, to reduce the environmental impact and make them more friendly for hikers. The report is leading to calls for hiker permits, limiting the number of day use hikers that ramble through the park. The group Friends of the Forest Preserve says without sustainable trail design and limits on the number of daily users on the most popular trails, they’re merely playing a “fool’s game” like they have been for the last 19 years.

State police step up patrols as school goes back into session

State police are stepping up patrols as the kids go back to school this week. The governor making that announcement, warning drivers to watch out for school buses and kids on the sides of the road. Last April, more than 850 drivers statewide were stopped and ticketed for illegally passing school buses during “Operation Safe Stop.” You are not allowed to pass a school bus on a two lane road, if its lights are flashing and the walk bar is extended.