Should Watertown Get Dock Improvements?

Adding on to the South Bay Dock in Watertown is becoming controversial. Karen Johnson has details.

Thousand Island Park residents have come forward in opposition to a plan to build additional dockage in South Bay nearly 20 years after a previous proposal failed. Resident and park historian Nellie Taylor says this is a little, small summer community and we should keep it as close to nature as possible. In its 2017 Waterfront and Grounds Report the report mentions plans for building a walkway through marshland and anchoring the floating docks to the bottom of the bay. They feel this will bring in more revenue says Steven Taylor, park resident and company shareholder. Stephanie Johnston, general manager for Thousand Island Park Corp. says the company’s land-use and waterfront committee has only begun researching the prospect for building additional dock space in South Bay and neither the company nor the committee has created any official proposals. She says we just want to see if it’s a possibility in the future. There’s a lot of research that needs to be done before the best decision can be made. I’m Karen Johnson.