Traffic Changes Coming To State Street In Malone

Traffic changes coming to State Street in Malone. Karen Johnson explains.

The speed limit on State Street will soon change to 25 mph and some additional traffic calming measures will be implemented following a recent decision from the Village Board. State Street is near the campus of Franklin Academy and leads to the Malone Recreation Park. “They book it up that hill,” said Trustee Andrea Dumas. “We have to slow traffic on that street,” she added. Malone Village Police Chief Chris Premo says we’ve been writing some tickets. The Franklin County Traffic Safety Board has also placed an electronic radar speed sign on the street to aid in the speed reduction effort, temporarily. The village has considered implementing similar signs on a permanent basis, but has yet to commit to the $4,500-per-sign price tag. The village Department of Public Works will also install four temporary speed.The new speed bumps, which are made of recycled rubber and attach to the road with spikes, will be removed during the winter to make room for plowing. Premo says they will slow down drivers. I’m Karen Johnson