A Rental Registry Is Proposed In Massena

The idea of a rental registry is being tossed around in a village. Karen Johnson has details.

Massena Mayor Timmy Currier says he’s frustrated that the village is unable to address some blight issues because of the problem locating property owners. He says it’s a frustrating cycle that we continue to deal with. We spend 90 percent of our time on 10 percent of our population,” he told trustees during their meeting earlier this week. Currier has asked trustees to consider establishing a rental registry, something they had preliminary discussions about a couple of years ago, so they’ll be able to locate property owners when issues like blight come up. He says we’re trying to deal with blight. We’re trying to deal with vacancy issues almost weekly with a property owner we can’t contact. We can’t get them to respond. They should be held liable for that property. We end up spending thousands of dollars. He said there were a number of excellent landlords in the community. But in some cases individuals from outside the area have purchased property at a St. Lawrence County tax auction after seeing only a picture and never having a personal look. Currier said his guess was such people would not pay the taxes on the property in many cases.