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Former Justice Pleads Guilty In Fines For Sex Scheme

A former Village Justice in Jefferson County has pleaded guilty of abusing his position as a Judge by reducing a fine for a defendant who appeared before him in exchange for sexual favors, and by paying a portion of that defendant’s fines in exchange for additional sexual favors. Ed Histed has this story…

((49 year old Delmar House entered guilty pleas in Jefferson County Court, to the felony charges, in what New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman called “an abhorrent abuse of office.” House was a Village Justice from January 1, 2008 through March, 2016, when he resigned. House is now scheduled to be sentenced on May 2nd. In exchange for his guilty pleas, the judge is expected to sentence House to up to six months’ incarceration and five years of probation. He will also likely be ordered to pay a $5,000 fine.))

Flood watch takes effect Friday evening

A flood watch goes into effect this evening through Sunday night. The National Weather Service says snowmelt and heavy rains expected tomorrow could lead to some minor flooding, especially in low lying areas around rivers and streams. The flood threat will be highest wherever there are ice jams, like we’ve seen so many times before on the Salmon River. Remember, never drive into standing water, turn around don’t drown.

Flood watch posted for Friday through Sunday

A flood watch goes into effect tomorrow through Sunday evening across the entire North Country. Thanks to the well-above normal temps forecast, the National Weather Service says the snowmelt combined with heavy showers on Saturday could mean flooding. Forecasters are especially worried about the time right after the rain, and ice jams on the river, that could lead to flooding.


Public input is well on the way now, to shaping the future of Debar Pond Lodge. About 50 people turned out Wednesday night to toss in their two cents worth…. including suggestions regarding improved access for the elderly and disabled, and motorized recreational opportunities. Ed Histed now with details…

((The meeting was held at the Duane Fire Station, and centered around the proposed Debar Mountain Wild Forest Unit Management Plan… a plan for how to use the 88,000 or so acres in the region, in the towns of Brighton, Duane, Franklin, Santa Clara and Waverly in Franklin County. It’s roots go back to 2003, but other things have gotten in the way, and it has had a back seat so to speak, since then. Now, plans call for revisiting it again in order to create or expand recreational activities in the Debar Mountain Wild Forest. While currently activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, paddling, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowmob iling and wildlife viewing are available, many say they are limited. They cite the fact that there are some 30 miles of trails open to snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles… but they are too few, and they don’t form an integrated system. Some of the trails have even been allowed to fall into disrepair, making them all but impassable. Many who showed up last night, were concerned about the future of the Debar Pond Lodge, built in the 1930s and acquired by the state in 1979. It has sat empty and deteriorating for more than ten years now. The DEC plans to hold a second public input session next Wednesday at the Franklin Town Hall on state Route 3 in Vermontville. A formal public comment period will follow.))

Jones proposes changes to STAR program after rebate checks delayed 5 months

Assemblyman Billy Jones wants to make some changes to the state’s School Tax Relief program. Jones says many families who were promised refunds under the STAR program still haven’t received their checks and he says the changes made last year are to blame. It used to be that homeowners would recieve an upfront deduction on their tax bills, but now, if you move, you have to pay a higher bill and then ask for a rebate check from the state. While the benefits are the same, Jones says, the system is inconvenient for homeowners. Most of the affected are elderly people who were supposed to get their checks five months ago. Jones proposed change would return the STAR program to local assessors.

Lamay Joins ROOST As Malone Regional Marketing Manager

The Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism… also known as “ROOST”… has announced the addition of Tim Lamay as Malone Regional Marketing Manager. In his new role, Lamay will serve as a liaison between community stakeholders, travelers and ROOST, and support the implementation of marketing strategies for northern Franklin County. Ed Histed now with more…

((Lamay, a lifelong resident of Malone, has strong ties to to the region and an in-depth knowledge of the destination’s assets with respect to tourism. He attended both North Country Community College and SUNY Canton. ROOST is the accredited destination marketing organization responsible for promoting Essex, Hamilton and Franklin counties in the Adirondacks of New York. In his new position, Lamay will work from an office in Malone, with support from regional ROOST offices including Tupper Lake and Saranac Lake. He joins a staff of 28, operating from four offices located in Lake Placid, Crown Point, Tupper Lake and Saranac Lake.))

Waverly Weighing Sand Options

Waverly needs to find a new sand mine. The current source has about run out. Ed Histed reports..

((The town’s current sand mine is on Davidson Road in Dickinson. It has been providing Waverly‘s Highway Department with the sand used to cover the roads during winter months for a long time now. Although the Town Board has submitted an amended mining permit application to the state, which would allow for the expansion of the mine, that application has been delayed in the past because of development plans that are underway on an adjacent property. The DEC required a noise analysis, which according to the Telegram, has been conducted, with no problems reported. Now, the amended mining permit request is awaiting a decision, which hopefully will come in the next 60 days. Meanwhile though, town officials are looking for a new source of sand. That’s because even if it is expanced, the current sand pit likely has only one to two more years of sand left. One area under consideration was a 37-acre property on Bailey Road, but unfortunately, the property has been sold. There is a lot of sand there too, with initial projections showing that there would be enough to meet the town’s needs for the next 50 years. Officials plan to speak to the new owner, and also to persue other options.))

Trooper, snowmobiler rescued from Long Lake

A trooper and a snowmobiler had to be rescued from Long Lake. Trooper Michael Kohan got the call just before 9 Friday morning that a man had fallen through the ice on the lake. As he was walking toward 61-year-old Michael Michna, Kohan himself fell through the ice, about 150 feet from shore. Luckily, fire and rescue crews showed up moments later and pulled the men to safety. Trooper Kohan was in the water for about seven minutes. He was treated and released at the scene. Michna was taken to the hopsital for treatment.

Malone Man Jailed Following Friday Night Shooting

A Malone man who allegedly fired several shots into a house on Fort Covington Street Friday night, is now facing six felony charges. Ed Histed with more…

((36 year old Tyree Stines, who Malone Police say was involved in the drive-by shooting in Malone on Friday night, is now facing charges of attempted assault, criminal possession of a weapon, aggravated criminal possession of a weapon, criminal use of a firearm, reckless endangerment, and criminal mischief. The bullets flew just after 10PM on Friday. One hit an outside wall, and another went through a window, and lodged in an interior wall. Fortunately, although there were four people home at the time of the shooting, nobody was hurt. Malone Police say they believe it was related to some sort of domestic dispute. Stines’ ex-girlfriend indicated that he was responsible, and police traced his vehicle to a home in Plattsburgh, where he was taken into custody. Stines is now behind bars in the Franklin County Jail, where he is being held on $25,000 cash bail. ))

Wood pellets to heat public buildings? Its an option in Franklin Co

Should Franklin County expand their use of wood pellets to heat public buidings? The Franklin County legislature heard a presentation from the Northern Forest Center about their new incentive program on Thursday, which is geared toward smaller boilers and heating systems. The forest center says places like the highway department garages and the town hall could benefit…and save money on heating oil costs. The program is open to any public building in Franklin, Clinton, and Essex counties, including schools.