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West Carthage village justice indicted for taking bribes

A former West Carthage village justice has been indicted for allegedly taking bribes. Delmar House is accused of reducing traffic fines for a defendant in exchange for sexual favors. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement that House’s actions shows “blatant disregard” for the judicial system as a whole and he promised to continue to root out public corruption.

Moira fire and rescue member dies

A longtime member of the Moira fire and rescue department has died. 48-year-old Stephannie Potter died at her home last Friday after responding to an EMS call in Moria ealier that evening. Fire Chief Shawn Niles says she suffered a cardiac event. He says there’s a possibility that the stress of the earlier call lead to her heart attack. They are investigating this as a line of duty death. Potter leaves behind two children, Ryan and Katie Bushey. Her funeral will be held on Saturday at 11 a.m. at St. Mary’s Church in Brushton.

Bellmont to send out surveys with tax bills

Ballmont town leaders really like surveys. They’re sending out another one with the 2017 tax bills. This new survey will focus on trash cleanup and property maintenenance, according to the Telegram. Junk on private properties came to the forefront over the summer, when several towns, including Malone, updated their local rules about what junk is allowed in front of your house. Supervisor Bruce Russell says the surveys may also remind people about how their actions are affecting their neighbors.

Chateaugay Theater Director Wants More Insurance Premium Assistance

In Chateaugay, the director of the Town Hall Theater put in a request to the Town Board, to be covered under the town’s health insurance plan. Ed Histed now with details…

((Josee Allard had asked to be covered under the town’s insurance policy, even though she is technically only a part-time employee. Allard made the request she say, because the town’s coverage is better than the private plan she currently has. Town officials have already agreed to pay 20 percent of the cost of Allard’s premium in next year’s budget, but Allard wanted more. While board members pretty much agreed that Allard is underpaid, they say to give her 100% coverage would be the same as doubling her pay… and that they say, would not be fair to other employees. Allard is paid $700 a month. Adding her to the town’s health insurance plan would cost about the same… another $700 a month… placing her total compensation higher than that of the town supervisor. In the end, council agreed to pick up 70 percent of the cost of her insurance.))

Wind Power Not Quite Ready… But Close!

It’s almost ready to turn on… The last of the towers involved in the huge Jericho Rise wind farm project have been erected, and now testing is underway, to make sure everything is working and ready to generate electricity. Ed Histed reports…

((There are a total of 29 towers in Chateaugay… and eight more in Bellmont. When flipped on, they will send power to the electric grid. Two circuits have reportedly already been energized without problems. The third and final circuit is expected to be tested any day. But when you see the blades turning now, don’t assume the wind farm is operating yet. Right now, during the testing, the turbines are not generating electricity. The blades are simply using energy from generators to turn so that they can be tested at the speed they will turn when the wind is blowing. Before it goes “live”, the New York Power Authority will carefully check each and every component for perfect operation. As of right now, the wind farm is expected to begin generating power on Monday, December 5th, but no date has yet been set for the turbines to actually go online. Fiber optic cables… used to establish communications at the tower sites, are still being run too.))

BBB offers warnings about snow removal scams

The Better Business Bureau of Upstate is warning residents to be wary of anyone knocking on your door, asking to remove the snow. The BBB says you’ll want to be especailly careful if the prices seem too good to be true. They recommend getting at least three bids, especially if you are signing up for a whole season’s worth of snow removal. The BBB also says the company needs to have insurance and you should review a written contract. Never verbally agree to anything.

Should the legal smoking age be raised?

St. Lawrence County legislators are considering raising the legal age to buy tobacco. County health officials say there’s a trend nationwide to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21, as they try to keep cigarettes and other tobacco products out of the hands of minors. They plan to continue to talk to county board members to address their concerns before any votes are taken.

Fight brewing over toilet gardens in Potsdam

A fight over tipped over toilets is heating up in Potsdam. An electronic sign outside the Agway building reads “We Don’t See Art. We See Tipped Over Toilets.” Agway’s owner says he’s annoyed that he sees the broken and haphazard toilets outside his office window, especially when compared to the well-maintained displays on Market and Pierrepont Avenue. The toilet displayer—businessman Hank Robar—has been using the flower filled toilets to protest after village officials denied him a zoning change on one of his properties. Village leaders seem reluctant to sue to get the porcelin flower gardens removed.

Silent auction set for Saturday to raise money for Horton Mill

A new fundraiser seeks to raise money to restore the old Horton Mill in Malone. Artist Sarah Hartshorne has agreed to donated half of the profits from the sales of her works to the mill. Twenty-two of her paintings will be on display on Dec. 3rd at the storefront across from the courthouse. The silent auction starts at six on Saturday night. Or you can see several peices early at local businesses around town. The restoration of the old mill is well underway with crew cleaning out debris from inside. Plans now call for adding new steel beams inside the walls and replacing the roof to stabilize the building. Then a new learning center will be built inside along with a hydroponic farm on the north side of the building.

Inmate Says He Is Ready To “Retire”

An inmate at the Franklin Correctional Facility wants to quit… quit working that is. Ed Histed explains…

((Ibn Kenyatta is a Brooklyn native, who is serving a life sentence following his conviction of attemped murder of a police officer back in 1974. Kenyatta… according to the Telegram… says he’s accepted the fact that he will remain behind bars… he just wants to retire there. Kenyatta is now 71 years old, and he admits only to theft of services… saying he jumped a subway turnstile in the Bronx, after which, he claims he was attacked by a transit officer, leading him to fight back. Kenyatta has never attended any of his parole hearings, although he has been eligible for parole since 1989… saying “Parole is for the guilty.” Since being in prison, he has worked many different jobs. From 2006 to 2015, Kenyatta worked as a library clerk in the Franklin Correctional Facility. That job ended though, following the now infamous June 2015 Clinton Correctional Facility escape. Now, his job is that of a porter, requiring him to perform janitorial duties like cleaning the floors and shoveling snow. It is more physically demanding than a job as a library clerk. Now, he has informed officials at the Franklin Correctional Facility, that due to his age, he wants to retire. The prison denied the request, citing rules that say work assignments are made without regard to an inmate’s age, race, religion, or any of a number of other reasons. Kenyatta also cites a legal argument of inmates being “13th Amendment prison slaves.”))