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Schumer pushing for leg room

Sen. Chuck Schumer wants the feds to step in to protect leg room. The Democrat plans to introduce an amendment to the upcoming Federal Aviation Administration bill to force the agency to set minimum space standards for airplanes. The average amount of leg room has dropped 4 inchees since the 70s and the width of a seat has shrunk from 18.5 inches in the 90s to 17 today. Schumer says the FAA needs to tell the airline industry “Not one more inch!”

Franklin County to host tax auction in May

May 25th. That’s when you could get a great deal on a Franklin County property. The county’s delinquent-tax auction will offer more than 100 parcels this year, everything from commerical properties to vacant lots. This is the first time the county’s hosted an auction to get rid of the delinquent properties in two years. Last year, the auction was scrapped after not all the legal paperwork was finished in time. Malone village and town have the most offerings out of all the area municipalties, with 25 properties currently headed to auction. Potential bidders will get a chance to tour some of the properties the day before the auction.

Another Arrest In Massena Heroin Case

In Massena, a third person has now been charged in connection with the investigation into drug sales that were conducted out of the home of a former town supervisor and former local radio host. Ed Histed has more…

((24 year old Hannah Hayden of Massena, is now facing two counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance, and two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance. All those charges are felonies. Hayden was arrested as part of the ongoing investigation into the sale of narcotics at the residence of 60 year old Sanford Cook, a former Massena town supervisor and WMSA morning man for more than four decades. Cook and 24 year old Edward Slade, were taken into custody following a raid on the home conducted as part of an ongoing investigation into the distribution of heroin and crack cocaine in the Massena area. Seized in that raid, were heroin, crack cocaine and hypodermic needles. Both men were released, but they are due in Massena Village Court tomorrow afternoon at 1:30. Officials with WMSA have confirmed that Cook has been placed on leave until further notice. Meanwhile, the investigation is continuing and more arrests, according to police, are pending.))

Wood stove to blame for fatal fire

The fire that left local farmer Stephen Harrigan dead was caused by a wood stove. That’s according to state investigators who’d been looking into the fire last Saturday along Route 190 in Bellmont. Officials ruled the fire accidental, but they couldn’t pinpoint exactly what happened to the wood stove that started the fire. Harrigan leaves behind two young children, eight brothers and two sisters. Funeral services are set for 11 a.m. Saturday at St. Patrick’s Church in Chateaugay. The family asks that in lieu of flowers, donations are being collected for an education fund for his children or should be given to the Chateaugay Fire Department.

DSS departure at courthouse leaves security gap

With the Department of Social Services moving out of the county courthouse in Malone, Franklin County legislators want to make sure they still have a deputy stationed there. Right now, DSS has one deputy assigned to provide security. That deputy also covers security for several other departments. But when most of DSS moves into the former Franklin County Nursing Home later this year, they’re taking their deputy with them. Legislators, along with the Sheriff, discussed promoting one of their corrections officers with law enforcement training up to handle security at the courthouse and then backfilling that position with a new hire at the jail. No decisions were made on Thursday.

Malone Audit Shows Finances “Generally Good”

Malone has received a generally good review of its finances after an audit by local accounting firm Hoffman, Eels and Gray, although the audit did find a couple of what it calls “material weaknesses,” in the way the board handled its finances up to December of 2014. Ed Histed now with more…

((According to the Telegram, those areas that the firm says need some work involve a lack of an adequate accounting system to properly capture, track, and record the financial activity of the town. The board says that’s tough to correct due to the turnover within the town offices. Also, the lack of a capital inventory provides for what the firm called an increased risk of misappropriation of assets.))

CA – murder trial

A Cornwall jury has heard all of the testimony in a local murder trial. Sebastian Bouchard is on trial is accused of killing Robert Nicholson. Yesterday, the crown’s cross-examination wrapped up, along with the defence’s re-examination. As the two men were walking along a deserted road after their truck broke down, testimony revealed that Nicholson told Bouchard that he loved him and gave him a kiss. Bouchard testified that it was the same tone that a man might say to his girlfriend, not a buddy, and that he considered it a pass on him. The prosecutor suggests that the man was simply thankkful for the help that Bouchard had given him. At any rate, Bouchard testified that the next thing he remembers is tomping Bouchard’s face as he lay on the ground, but he maintains that he did not know that he killed him and that was not his intent.

County legislators to review eco-devo applicants

Franklin County legislators are reviewing resumes from nine people who’ve applied for the county’s economic development director job. County manager Donna Kissane says they’d hope to have someone hired by March 1, but that won’t happen now. She called the pool of 9 applicants “impressive.” Interviews won’t be scheduled until after they’ve finished this inital review of the applicants. The position has a salary of $60,000 per year and the ideal candidate will have a master’s degree in economic development, planning or a related field. The county also ally wants someone with experience in local, state or regional development, who’s been writing grants and knows business assistance programs.

Champlain Centre at center of disability fight with NY State

Malls need to be accessible, inside and out, to people with disabilities. That’s the agreement between the Attorney General’s office and Pyramid Management Group, which owns and operates 12 shopping malls across the state. The case started after a complaint about accessibility barriers at Champlain Centre in Plattsburgh. The AG’s office says they found parking spaces that were too small, steep slopes and cross slopes at curb ramps, moveable objects in the path of travel and other violations. The mall has agreed to get compliant with ADA regulations and keep a consultant on hand who will report to the state over the next three years. They’ll also have to pay $160,000 in fines.

Hogansburg Woman Sentenced In Drug Case

A Hogansburg woman has been sentenced for trying to smuggle Ecstasy from the Akewsasne Mohawk Reservation to the city of Oswego a year ago.

((Katherine Lazore was handed a sentence of 414 days’ time served in federal custody on Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Utica. Lazore must also undergo three more years of supervised release. She plead guilty in October to attempted possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance. A federal investigation turned up evidence that Lazore and Michael Cook were co-coconspirators in the plot to sell drugs in Oswego to an unknown Mexican man. Cook pleaded guilty to similar charges back in August, and was sentenced in December to two years in federal prison.))