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Franklin County searching for Economic Development director

The search is on for a new director of economic development in Franklin County. On Thursday, the county legislature approved the new job description. County manager Donna Kissane says she’d like to have a candidate by early March. They’ll specifically be looking for someone already in the region…in Franklin, Essex, Clinton or St. Lawrence counties. Right now, Franklin County is one of only two counties in the entire state to have no county-level planning and development department.

Gas prices fall below $2 a gallon at one gas station

We’ve been hearing that nationally gas prices have fallen below $2 a gallon. Well, that’s finally the case in the North Country. The owner of Lerouix Oil in Fort Covington has dropped gas prices to $1.99 per gallon. The average statewide right now, according to, is $2.06/gallon.

Weekend of events for Malone’s Winter Carnival revue-music.mp3

performing last night at the Malone Winter Revue. They’ll take the stage again tonight at 6:30. The Malone-based band is just one of the many acts performing. The tomorrow, as part of the Winter Carnival events, check out the parade that starts at the Franklin County fairground and goes west along Main to Elm Street. Afterward, you can head over the to Elks Lodge for the first winter carnival pageant. Lovely young ladies will be showcasing their talents for the crown. That starts at 3 p.m. The weekend of fun finishes up with the Malone Comic-Con, held at Mo’s Pub and Grill, from 10:30 to 7 on Sunday.

Glens Falls Woman Possibly Headed To Federal Prison For Theft From Government

A South Glens Falls woman was arraigned yesterday on charges of stealing $112,000 in benefits from the Social Security Administration. Ed Histed now with more…

((57 year old Roberta Rivers is charged with theft of government property, Supplemental Security Income fraud, and Social Security fraud. The indictment alleges that Rivers, while collecting SSI and survivors insurance benefits, concealed and failed to disclose that she had been remarried, and now resided with her new husband… a fact that she knew would disqualify her from receiving benefits. Rivers faces up to 5 years in federal prison, along with as much as a $250,000 fine if convicted. Rivers was released after her arraignment yesterday. A trial is now scheduled for March 28th.))

Grand jury to hear assault case

A grand jury will hear the case of a border patrol agent accused of assaulting a Massena couple. Bryan McDonald is charged with two counts of felony assault, accused of punching Richard and Carol LaDue back in December. They’d stopped to help after McDonald’s wife, Ashley, was hit and killed in the middle of Route 37 in Brasher. The investigation into Ashley’s death continues.

Malone Winter Revue opens tonight

The Malone Winter Carnival Revue kicks off tonight at the Malone Middle School Auditorium. The revue, which will also be held tomorrow evening, will showcase the talents of dozens of performers. This year’s theme is all fired up. Tickets at $9 each or $7 for students and seniors. The Revue starts at 6:30 both tonight and tomorrow.

Today is Dine United Day

It’s Dine United day across the North Country. Local restaurants in Franklin, Essex and Clinton Counties are participating, including Donovan’s State and Ale and Mo’s Pub and Grill here in Malone. Every restaurant has agreed to donate either a certain amount of money or 10 percent of their pofits from today’s sales, the United Way says. All the money raised then goes to support various charitable agencies throughout the area, everything from food and clothing to safety from domestic violence. Dine United raised about $2,500 last year.

Possible Life Sentence For $10 Million Of Cocaine

A man from St. Lawrence County, charged with possessing somewhere around $10 million worth of cocaine, is facing perhaps the rest of his life in federal prison. Ed Histed now with more…

((25 year old Christopher Jandreau pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court, Plattsburgh, to knowingly and intentionally possessing with the intent to distribute a controlled substance. At the very minimum, Jandreau will do 10 years behind bars when he is sentenced in Albany June 6th. But it could be much different for him that day, as he faces a maximum sentence of life in federal prison, along with a fine of up to $10 million. Jandreau’s vehicle was pulled over on Nov. 23 on Route 11 by St. Lawrence County sheriffs deputies, who became suspicious of his behavior. A K9 was brought in, which alerted to the presence of narcotics. Police then searched the vehicle, and discovered four kilogram-sized bricks of cocaine underneath the spare tire in the trunk, one kilogram-sized brick under thefront passenger seat and 42 kilogram-sized bricks hidden in a secret compartment between the vehicle’s back seat and trunk.))

Sweat will not face charges in Franklin County

Franklin County prosecutors are not planning on filing any new charges against convicted murdered David Sweat for the crimes he allegedly committed when he broke out of prison last summer. DA Craig Carriero says he made the decision because Sweat is already facing a life sentence and additional charges would only be a waste of taxpayer money. Sweat is due in Clinton County Court on Feb. 3 to answer to charges of escape and promotion of prison contraband.

Warning Issued About Invasive Species Threat

A warning from Cornell Cooperative Extension… some strange and invasive species may invade the north country, including a large worm that thrashes around like a snake. Ed Histed now with more…

(That would be the giant Asian Jumping Worm, which along with the Asian Spotted Lanternfly, are just two invasive species that are being closely watched, and may already be in St. Lawrence County. Here in the North Country, everything possible is being done to keep both of them out of the region, or at the very minimum, contain them if they do begin to spread. The lanternfly hasn’t been spotted yet in New York state, but it has created a huge mess in Pennsylvania, where it arrived in 2014 in some egg masses that were hidden in a pallet of landscape stone from China. Since then, it has spread in Pennsylvania at an alarming rate. Sugar maple trees, shrubs and some non-woody plants could be at risk if the lanternfly gets a foothold here. The lanternfly often attachs to metal objects, so north country residents who travel to Pennsylvania are being asked to inspect their campers, boats and vehicles before traveling home. The Asian jumping worm spreads easily and has already turned up in Warren County and Cortland County. It depletes soil of nutrients, causing severe damage to lawns, landscape plantings and natural areas and pasture land. They feed on roots, which means they can also threaten the region’s sugar bushes. The Asian worm is large and moves through the ground like a snake. They are toxic to other worms and have two or three reproduction cycles a year. Birds don’t like to eat them, which helps them thrive.))