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Rabies clinic set for Wednesday evening in Franklin Co.

Franklin County is holding a rabies vaccination clinic tonight from 6 until 8 p.m. at the Westville Fire Station. Many people took advantage of the free shots for their pets earlier this year when the county saw an uptick in rabies cases in wild animals. For more information call 481-1105.

Three arrested in heroin ring

The Adirondack Drug Task Force arrests 3 people, seizing more than $25,000 in heroin. Russell McGee, Travis McLean, and Denise Giddings are facing charges connected to a drug ring that has been under investigation for several months. Police say the men were carrying heroin and cash when they were arrested. Gidding is accused of trying to destroy drug evidence. The men remain behind bars.

Former State Prison Still Stands Empty Two Years After Being Shut Down

The former Chateaugay Correctional Facility shut down more than a year ago, and despite a lot of attempts at that time, and many tries since, the building and property still remain unused and desolate more than a year later. Ed Histed has more…

((Assemblywoman Janet Duprey says there is some progress being made in efforts to find a new use for the old facility, but so far, it’s still empty. The Chateaugay Correctional Facility was shuttered in July of 2014 by the state, and although plans initially called for it to be cared for, and even heated that first winter, officials now are mum on its status. It is comprised of about 100-acres, with 20 acres behind the perimeter fence, and 80 acres of undeveloped land outside the fence. It has 30 modern-construction structures, totaling approximately 98,000 square feet of floor space and related infrastructure. Even though the entire prison has been shut down for more than two years, it was used again this year for a little while. During the hunt for the two convicted killers who escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility back in June, the former prison at Chateaugay was used to house law enforcement officers from outside the area who were participating in the search for Richard Matt and David Sweat.))

Rotary Lake Silt To Be Addressed

Dredging could begin as soon as this January at Rotary Lake, as Ed Histed explains…

((Soon, core samples will be collected from the silt that has been accumulating at the bottom of the lake, and those samples will then be sent out for testing, all to make sure that there is nothing in the silt that would make it a problem where it ends up after the dredging. The testing alone is expected to cost between $8,000 and $10,000. But it’s all worth it in the end, according to the Village Board, which says the silt causes not only erosion along the shore, but it also makes the lake more shallow, and that degradation of the lake will, in the end, have an adverse effect on both the ecology and the economy of the lake, the park, and the Village of Malone as a whole. Officials say decreasing park attendance or a possible drop in property values near the park are both real possibilities.))

Joyce Mitchell to be sentenced Monday

Joyce Mitchell is being sentenced today for her role in the prison escape at Clinton Correctional FAcility. She pleaded guilty to felony first-degree promoting prison contraband in late July. Mitchell admitted to helping Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped by smuggling in tools and saw blades in frozen hamburger meat. She was supposed to be their getaway driver, but had second thoughts and didn’t show up. Matt and Sweat were on the run for about three weeks before Matt was killed in Malone and Sweat was shot and captured two days later in Constable.

Scharf defends PILOT agreement at low-income housing complex

Malone town officials are defending a proposed tax agreement with the buyer of the Indian Trails Apartment complex. In a news release, Councilwoman Mary Scharf says they’ve received plenty of calls from people who are mad that the town would consider allowing Winn Companies to enter into a Payment-in-lieu-of-taxes, or PILOT, agreement. She says because the apartment complex is considered a low-income housing project, the owners are exempt from paying property taxes. Instead, this new PILOT agreement would have Winn paying about $12,000 a year. That number would go up as rents increase. Previous owners have paid nothing. Winn says they plan to invest about $20 million in the complex to make sorely-needed upgrades.

New York ranks 12th as Best State for Teachers, survey says

A new report from WalletHub says New York ranks 12th in the nation as the best state for teachers. The survey reviewed 13 key metrics, including average starting salary to the number of teachers per student. The state ranked second in two categories—-Public School Spending per Student and 10-Year Change in Teacher Salaries. October 5th in International World Teachers Day.

Winter Festival Being Planned

It’s no secret that winter here in the North Country can be long and cold. Well, if plans work out, there could be a bright spot right in the middle of this coming winter in at least three communities along the shores of Lake St. Lawrence. Ed Histed now with details…

((In the early planning stages is the 2016 Lake St. Lawrence Winter Chill, which if it all comes together as planned right now, will be held from Feb. 13-21 in the communities of Louisville [Lewis-ville], Massena and Waddington, and it will include such things as an opening ball and a 17-mile dog sled trek, outdoor hockey and broomball on the river, night outdoor skating with lighting and music, New York state-sanctioned ice sculpting, and even an attempt at setting a new record in the Guinness Book of World Records. The Lake St. Lawrence Winter Chill got it’s roots with the St. Lawrence River Walleye Association’s Annual “Northern Pike Challenge” ice fishing tournament, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, and annually brings nearly 1,000 fishermen to the frozen St. Lawrence. The idea behind the new festival is to get some of the anglers and their families to stick around and spend a little more time enjoying all that the area has to offer. Anyone interested in volunteering or hosting an event should call 315-212-7410.))

Sunmount employees facing assault charges

Four Sumount employees in Tupper Lake are facing assault charges. Franklin Mussen, Howard Shorette, Jerry Bush, and Todd LaValley are facing mutiple charges connected to an incident last year where a disabled man was beaten up. This follows four other assualt cases brought against Sunmount workers earlier this year.

Massena Man Headed To Prison For Alien Smuggling

A man from Massena will spend 1½ years in federal prison for illegally bringing two Chinese nationals into the US through Massena from Canada. Ed Histed reports…

((21 year old Aaron David, who was in Federal Court for his sentencing on Wednesday, will also have to serve three years of supervision upon his release from prison. David pled guilty to smuggling the two Chinese nationals into the US from Canada aboard a boat across the St. Lawrence River to the Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation. The two admitted that they crossed by boat to avoid examination and inspection by immigration officers and were trying to reach New York City. David admitted that he had agreed to transport the aliens into the US for $1,000, and after bringing them into the country, he bought two bus tickets to New York City for them, one in his name and a second in his girlfriend’s. David was actually paid $800 in Canadian currency for bringing the aliens into the country.))