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Chateaugay Central School District Changes Policy On Tablets & Devices

After some parents in the Chateaugay Central School District seem to have neglected to pay the $50 deductitble to cover damage that their children caused to school-provided tablet computers, the Board of Education will now require a deposit before any more devices are handed over to students.
Here’s Ed Histed with more…

((At their meeting on Monday, a $25 across the board fee was approved which would cover damage to tablets, payable by everyone who gets a tablet. The original $50 fee came with the original agreement, whereby parents were required to sign to allow their child to participate in the district’s tablet program. That $50 fee was refundable at the end of the school year if the tablet was returned undamaged. The board decided at their meeting yesterday, that a $25 fee, paid up front, would cover costs, as the insurance policy in effect covers costs associated with repairing or even the replacement of devices. By paying an across the board $25 fee upfront, the board figures it will be more likely that the district will recover more of the damage payments. That’s because under the current $50 rule, there is no accountability for those who refuse to pay. If a student breaks a tablet for instance, and their parent doesn’t cough up the $50 deductible, the student is still issued anothe tablet, because they are viewed as textbooks, and are necessary for the student’s education, and to complete assignments…. even homework. The board also is looking into replacing broken or worn devices with new ones that are designed to better take the daily use in a school environment, without breaking as often.))

Waverly Building To Be Razed

Condemnation proceedings are underway in Waverly for the building that formerly was known as the Silver Nugget Restaurant on North Main Street, because it has been deemed a health and safety hazard. Ed Histed now with details…

((The proceedings come following repeated inspections of the building which have turned up broken glass that is falling into the street, fire hazards and a strong possibility that the building is on the verge of total collapse. Waverly town officials are waiting to hear from the Franklin County Highway Department about equipment that is expected to be used to bring the building down, and the demolition is expected to begin soon. All the costs associated with the demolition of the decrepit building will be the responsibility of the property owner. If the property owner doesn’t reimburse the town for those costs, they will be added to the property’s tax bill.))

Moria man sentenced to 10 years in sex abuse case

A Moria man is going to prison for ten years. Franklin County prosecutors say Dean LaClair was sentenced to a decade in prison after he pleaded guilty last month to sexual abuse. He was indicted last year on the sex abuse charge and another count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Milfoil pulled from area lakes

Mountain View residents took to their boats this weekend to do some underwater weeding. They’re trying to remove the invasive milfoil from spreading throughout Mountain View and Indian Lakes. Roughly 90 pounds of the weed was pulled from the lake last week. The Board of Directors for the Mountain View Association didn’t say how much they removed this weekend. The milfoil is also blamed for canceling the July 4th Boat Parade.

Christmas in July sale coming to Malone church

The First Congregational Church of Malone is hosting its annual “Christmas in July” sale tomorrow. They’ll have crafts, Christmas decorations, candles and figurines. Donna Potraw (PAH-trah), with the church, talked to WICY earlier this week:

The sale runs from 9 until 5 tomorrow at the Church.

Tribe expanding broadband network

The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe is expanding their broadband network. This comes after the Tribe finished a $15 million project last year to lay 68-miles of fiber and connect hundreds of Akwesasne residents to high-speed internet. The new Mohawk Networks, LLC will serve Northern New York. General Manager Jeff Beekhoo says they want to help the 1.5 million North Country residents who have insufficient internet service. Their new five-year plan includes applying to state and federal grant programs to expand within New York. The first phase would include adding new towers to help serve people in Brasher, Bombay and Lewis County. Leaders are hopeful that the move could mean economic development and jobs for the North Country.

Moria man sentenced for New Year’s drunk driving crash

A New Years drunk driving crash has landed a Moria man on probation for the next 5 years. Prakash Maraj was charged with DWI, and 8 other counts, including leaving the scene of a property damage accident on New Year’s Day this year. The 24-year-old was sentenced on Thursday. He pleaded guilty to DWI. The judge put Maraj on probation and gave him a year of electronic home monitoring, plus a $1,000 fine.

Sweat Continues To Provide Details Surrounding Escape

More and more details are emerging about the big prison escape last month here in the North Country. Ed Histed has more…

((As the surviving escapee, David Sweat, continues to be questioned by authorities, we now know that the two killers, who broke out of the Clinton Correctional Facility on June 6th, and were on the run for three weeks, at first disagreed over whether to hole up in a hunting cabin. One of them, Sweat, worried about being captured. The other, Richard Matt, suggested they kill or take hostage anyone who checked on the remote camp. Investigators have now learned that both Sweat and Matt spent several nights at the cabin. Sweat now says he wanted to leave the cabin before someone discovered them. But Matt wanted to stay because the cabin had alcohol, heat and water. Matt told Sweat that if someone showed up, they would take them hostage or just kill them. Sweat says they found a .20 gauge shotgun hidden in the cabin, but couldn’t find any ammunition for it. The cabin was leased as a hunting cabin by a group of corrections officers. Sweat now says he grew frustrated with Matt in the days after they fled from the cabin into the woods, when they were stumbled upon by a man on an ATV who came to check on the cabin. He says Matt was in poor physical shape, and was often drunk. The two split up after Matt stumbled and fell… Sweat heading northeast, and Matt heading West. On Thursday, Joyce Mitchell, the former prison employee accused of providing tools used by the inmates in their escape, was said to be close to some sort of plea deal between her attorneys and prosecutors. Mitchell will be Clinton County Court on Tuesday.))

Franklin County names ethics board

Franklin County has a new ethics board. Todd Weber, John Marsden, Susan Sweeney, Wanda Murtagh, and Charles Dievendorf were appointed to keep county government ethical. They’ll review any situtation where lines may have been crossed, like family members of government employees getting contracts. There are two Democrats, two Republicans, and one unaffiliated member on the board.

Road Officially Abandoned By Malone

It’s now official… The town of Malone has abandoned part of Limekiln Road, a part that the town hasn’t maintained for decades. Now, the way is cleared for property owner Tom Sherwin to remove a beaver dam that has left a portion of the road flooded and virtually impassable. Ed Histed reports…

((Following a public hearing that was held on Wednesday and in which no opposition was presented, the town board voted to abandon the road. Along that part of the road are several undeveloped properties and some camps, but no year-round homes. Sherwin was happy with the decision… he needed approval from the state Department of Environmental Conservation to remove a beaver dam on his property that was causing flooding. The problem came in when Malone said that he would need to get liability insurance before doing it though. Now, Sherwin is free to move forward with his plans, without the added cost of the insurance. As for maintenance of the road going forward… well that will now fall into the hands of the landowners along the road.))