Baby, It Was COLD Out There This Past Winter!

Now that winter is in the rear view mirror, it’s time to reflect on just how cold and snowy it really was. And according to the National Weather Service, this past winter wasn’t just cold here in the North Country… It was record-breaking cold! Ed Histed has all the numbers….

((The weather service says many records were shattered during the winter of 2014-15, which snuck up on many folks who had gotten somewhat used to the mild by comparison, two previous winters. December was the only month that ended up with above normal temperatures. On the other hand, February was the coldest month around these parts in many, many years. On February 16th for example, the temperature of minus 36 broke the lowest recorded temperature for that date of minus 24 degrees which was set back in 1963. Beginning in January, the average temperature in Massena for example, of 6.5 degrees was 4 degrees below the average of 10.5 degrees. February’s average temperature of minus 12.6 degrees was 15 degrees below the 2.4 degree average. Snowfall was also heavy, and according the to the National Weather Service, the most snow in the entire the region occurred in the hamlet of Hooker in Lewis County, which measured 274 inches this season. Ice coverage on Lake Ontario also set a record in February with 82 percent ice coverage. ))