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Red Cross seeking volunteers to install fire alarms

The Red Cross is taking fire safety seriously in Franklin County. This weekend marks the beginning of the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign. It formally kicks off on Monday in Malone. Volunteers will be installing free smoke alarms and giving fire safety lessons to anyone who wants them. According to officials, installing smoke alarms cuts the risk of death in a fire in half. Already more than 100 homes have signed up to get the free smoke detectors. The Red Cross, however, needs more volunteers to make sure they can get the job done. The Fire Preparedness Campaign has already installed more than 50,000 smoke alarms nationwide and is credited with saving 13 lives just since October.

Franklin Fair To Require Goats To Be Vaccinated

A new ruling this year will require those showing goats at the Franklin County Fair to be sure they are vaccinated for rabies, all because of the recent incidents of the disease in the county. Ed Histed has details…

((The fair board made the decision in order to be pro-active in preventing the spread of rabies. As it is now, the fair requires all animals that are exhibited to undergo a complete health check before they can be brought onto the fair property. The rule includes horses and cows, but until now, goats were not specifically included because there is not rabies vaccine designed specifically for goats. Under the terms of the new rule, goats to be exhibited at the Franklin County Fair will now have to be certified to have been vaccinated with a general purpose vaccine designed in general for mammals. The concerns over rabies in Franklin County come following the discovery of rabies in March when a child in Westville was exposed after playing with his dog which had been bitten by a rabid raccoon. Since then, other raccoons have turned up positive for the disease, two people have had to undergo treatment for rabies, several dogs infected with rabies have been euthanized, and one dog has been placed in a six-month quarantine.))

Three Sunmount employees charged

Three employees from Sunmount face assault charges. State police say Dylan Holmes, Callum King and Carter Hayes, all in their early 20s, are accused of beating up a 35-year-old man at the facility earlier this month. Troopers say the trio threw the man on the floor and hit him in his head and back. Sunmount offers services for the developmentally disabled. It’s been plagued by scandal in recent months, with 11 employees charged with assaulting residents just since January. Last November, Sunmount’s director was fired after she was accused of driving drunk.

Voters overwhelmingly approve library budget

A new $845,000 budget for the Wead Library passed easily in Tuesday’s election. 98 of 102 voters from the Village of Malone agreed to the spending plan. Library officials credited the nice weather with the larger-than-expected turnout. The tax levy will stay the same thanks to some donations and the library using about $225,000 from their coffers to balance the budget. They will be renovating the bathrooms this summer and making the third floor conference room more handicapped accessible, officials say.

Pistol Permit Restrictions Being Eyed

A St. Lawrence County Judge is being criticized because of the restrictions some say he places on many citizens who hold pistol permits… restrictions, according to many, which may violate Second Amendment rights outlined in the U.S. Constitution. Ed Histed has more…

((On Monday, county lawmakers heard complaints from people who say they have applied for and recieved pistol permits from Judge Jerome J. Richards. The complaints are because most of the concealed pistol permits issued by the judge, restrict the permit holder to carrying the weapon only during outdoor sporting activities, like hunting and target shooting. The permit holders say the restrictions placed on their permits by Judge Richards prevents them from carrying their pistols when they may actually need them to protect themselves or their family memebers. They cite possible violations of the Second Amendment, which provides citizens with the right to keep and bear arms, saying that they have passed the background checks, yet still have the restrictions imposed on them. On Tuesday however, Judge Richards said he is simply following regulations as per state law that require those applying for pistol permits to show “proper cause” in order to receive an unrestricted pistol permit rather than a restricted permit. Meanwhile, many of those who object to the judge’s interpretation of that law, say they can simply drive to another county, where another judge views the law differently, to get an unrestricted permit. They say they want to see the law changed so that the discretion of issuing either a restricted or non-restricted permit is not left up to the individual county judge, but rather more tightly defined by the law.))

Malone Considering “Micro-Grid”

The village of Malone wants a feasibility study of a village microgrid. The Malone Telegram reports that the village has completed its application to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, for the study to determine whether a microgrid, or power transmission system designed for a small local area and set up to function autonomously in case the larger grid suffers a power interruption, is a good option locally.
Ed Histed explains…

((In the event of a major power disruption, a so-called “micro-grid” would be able to separate itself from other, larger power grids, and therefore retain power for key local needs in a large-scale blackout. The application that is being submitted to the program responsible for the grants enabling municipalities such as Malone to investigate, design, and build such microgrids, is due Wednesday. If Malone is successful in getting the grant, and then is successful in moving forward with the plans for the microgrid, when completed, it could then be used to avert a power interruption similar to an incident about a decade ago, when a large portion of the Northeast lost power due to a grid malfunction in Toronto. Village leaders are optimistic about the plans because of the upcoming solar farm, two local hydroelectric dams, and the soon to be completed natural gas pipeline. In the event of a catastrophic power loss in the region, the microgrid would help assure that power would remain on at the three area state prisons, a sewage treatment plant, an intensive-care hospital, and several schools that also house emergency shelters. Applications for funding for the actual feasibility study must be submitted to the state by May 15.))

Speaker Heastie pushes equal pay legislation

The New York Assembly is working on the pay gap between men and women. Speaker Carl Heastie (HAY-stee) and Rep. Michelle Titus are announcing plans to eliminate obstacles to pay equity for women and minorities.

The New York State Fair Pay Act would prohibit different wages between employees on the basis of gender, race, or national origin. It would also protect workers from retalition if they share their wage information with coworkers. Studies claims women earn an average 86 cents for every dollar a man earns.

NY AG issues statement in support of same sex marriage

The US Supreme Court hears oral arguments today on same sex marriage. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is in favor of same-sex marriage and released a statement calling on the Justices to “end this discrimination in all 50 states, and to stand of the side of dignity for all Americans.” In March, he joined a colaition of states filing an amicus brief aruging that the Constitution’s equal protection clause demands same-sex couples have the right to marry across the country. The Court in 2013 struck down the Defense of Marriage Act’s provision that defined marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Rabies clinics scheduled for Wednesday, next month

After several wild animals have tested positive for rabies, the Franklin County health department is offering several more free rabies vaccination clinics in the next few weeks. There will be one tomorrow, April 29th, from 6-8 at the Westville Fire Department. Several others have been scheduled for the end of May:

-Constable fire station: Tuesday May 27th 6-8 pm
-Chateaugay bus garage: Wednesday May 28th 6-8
-Tupper Lake fire station: May 29th 6-8

All animals have to be at least three months old and either on a leash or in a carrier, and accompanied by an adult.

Cornwall police searching for masked men in home invasion

In Cornwall, police are looking for three men accused in a home invasion. The trio allegedly forced their way into a home in the 300 block of Tollgate Road, and beat up the man living there. They stole money and left. The men are all described as 5-7 to 5-9, muscular build, wearing dark hoodies or jackets and ski masks with a skeleton design on them. Anyone with information is urged to call police.