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Malone Planning For New Well

In Malone, a third well is planned as a backup to supplement the two already serving the town. The current water wells are able to meet current supply, however, the state has recommended an additional well for back up. Ed Histed explains…

((In a letter the town received from the New York State Department of Health, it was told that if one of the two wells were to fail, the other would not be able to sustain the village on its own. The cost now for all the work involved, from construction, to engineering and also groundwater testing for the new well, which will be located just off County Route 27, will come in at right around $2.4 Million, with the money to pay for it coming out of Malone’s capital reserv fund, and also with some help from the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. Additional dollars to put toward the expense of the new well could also come from the state, and the village is in negotiations for that currently. The reason that the Department of Corrections is involved, is because when the well is completed, it will also provide water for the jail. The entire project is only in the preliminary stages right now, and there has been no date set yet for the start of construction. Hopefully, the new well will be just as good as those currently serving the village. Malone’s water was named the best-tasting tap water in the north country this past summer.))

North Country Homeless Count Taken

A recent homelessness survey, which was required by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, found 110 people living in Franklin and Essex counties without a permanent home. Ed Histed has more on this story….

((The study is required to be done by the feds, and calls for communites to count the number of people who are living in emergency shelters or transitional housing, and also those taking up residence in places otherwise unfit for human habitation, such as abandonded buildings or parks. Here locally, the count this year was done by the only homeless shelter in northern Franklin County, Barnabas House, and the results of the counts in both Franklin and Essex Counties were combined. The show that there are about 110 people living in shelters or transitional housing in Franklin and Essex counties. The actual “street count” of those who are living in a place not fit for human habitation, included five people discovered in Malone.))

Joint Council for Economic Opportunity Wants Growing Land

The Joint Council for Economic Opportunity approached the Malone Town Board earlier this week, and requested 15 acres to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.
Ed Histed has more on the outcome of that meeting…

((Currently, the JCEO grows vegetables in garden plots at its gleaning warehouse in the Malone Industrial Park, and also in a greenhouse on Creighton Road. They are now aiming to double their output, if they can get some extra fields to plant. Most of what they produce goes directly to food pantries serving more than 20,000 families here in Franklin, Clinton, Essex, and St. Lawrence Counties. As for the new land they are seeking, they say it doesn’t have to be all in one plot. Lots of smaller plots of land, totaling about 15 acres would do just fine. The groupd would provide their own insurance for any growing operations. So far, the local Coca-Cola distribution center has given tentative approval, according to the Malone Telgram, to use some of the land on their site. The only thing holding it up right now is corporate approval to do so, and that is expected to arrive within the next couple of weeks. While they look to expand outdoor growing capabilities, the JCEO has not given up on plans to build a methane-heated greenhouse at the Franklin County Landfill.))

Transient Sales Regulation Enacted In Malone

Under a new law that was approved by the Malone Town Board on Wednesday, transient vendors must meet a variety of requirements before they can sell their goods in Malone. Ed Histed has details…

((The Malone Town Board, at their regular meeting yesterday, unanimously voted to adopt the new rule that will greatly restrict what out of town car dealers and other vendors can do in Malone. The law is aimed at keeping out of area dealers that often try to pass off defective vehicles, out of Malone. The whole thing first appeared on the scene last summer when a car dealer from Rochester held a sale, lasting several weeks, at the Kmart Plaza in Malone. Local auto dealers complained, and those complaints lead to the village board beginning an investigation into just what their options were to keep it from happening again. The rule, as adopted on Wednesday, will include a requirement that transient auto dealers provide proof they have made arrangements with local dealers and garages to provide warranty service, and to pay $500 for a permit, plus $100 for each day the sale will be held. Transient sales by one vendor would be limited to no more than 14 days in a calendar year. While the law is specific to auto dealers, it exempts other vendors, such as farmers markets, craft fairs, and holiday bazaars.))

AAA Releases New Teen Driving Study

This morning AAA released the results of a study they just completed on Distracted Driving among Teenage Drivers. The results are disturbing. Teen Driver Study.mp3

TO reduce accidents and tragic deaths AAA suggests cell phone usage by teen drivers be restricted, passengers be limited to one non-family member for the first six months of obtaining their license, and driving between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM be banned.

Mooers Man Arrested for Rapeing a 14 year old

State Police have arrested a Mooers man for second degree rape. 19 year old Keenan Hampton was picked up yesterday for having sexual intercourse with a 14 year old female late last month. He was arraigned in the Town of Plattsburgh Court.

Malone School Budget Discussions Don’t Leave A Lot Of Room For Discussion

Malone Central School District met Tuesday evening. On the agenda… budget discussions. The final result… not much.
Ed Histed explains…

((Despite an item on last night’s meeting agenda, calling for discussion of the district’s proposed 2015-16 budget, there was not a lot to discuss. That’s because no one is yet certain just what the total amount of state aid will be this year under the governor’s budget. The Malone Telegram reports that Superintendent Jerry Griffin and Business Administrator Tim Whipple both said that they hoped the governor and the Legislature will reach agreement on a state budget by the April 1 deadline, in time for them to finalize their budget plans before their April 24 deadline. Both Whipple and Griffin said the district is projecting a significant decrease in its teacher retirement fund contribution in the coming fiscal year, and the district can increase its tax levy by 3.5 percent, which would bring in another $440,000 in tax revenues — without exceeding the state tax cap. Malone is not alone in trying to sort it all out this year. School districts statewide say the Cuomo administration’s refusal to provide preliminary state aid figures in time, figures that have always been provided in January, has made preparing their 2015-16 fiscal plans nearly impossible. The next meeting here in Malone is April 14th. Local school officials are hopeful that more information will have been received from the state by then.))

Schumer Says Alcoa Is In Massena To Stay

Sen. Charles Schumer on Monday, issued a statement in which he said that he is confident that Alcoa will be a long term fixture in Massena.
Ed Histed has more…

((Schumer said that he has spoken directly with Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfeld, and that Alcoa remains deeply committed to its workforce levels and smelting capacity at Massena. Schumer said it translates to very promising news for local jobs. Alcoa is the world’s third-largest aluminum producer, with operations in 31 countries. The company’s Massena facility is the longest continually operating aluminum facility in the world, currently employing about 750 people.))

Moira Man Charged With Fraudulently Receiving Public Assistance Benefits

A Moira man has been arrested for fraudulently received public assistance benefits from the Department of Social Services between March and July of last year. 34 year old Robert Jewtraw was taken before Malone town court and charged with Grand Larceny 4th degree, a class E Felony.

Cyber insurance gaining momentum

Cyber insurance. Franklin County now has a $1 million dollar policy in case they get hacked or if the county’s computers get a virus. The insurance also would cover damages if a disgruntled employee accessed digitial files, or legal fees if someone sued because of a hack. Cyber insurance is gaining momentum. Advisen, an insurance industry researcher, says companies last year paid about $2.1 billion in premiums to cover hack attacks and other digital security worries. That’s up from 1.8 billion in 2013. But still only a few insurers even offer coverage. Nationwide, only about 40 insurers have cyber coverage, many fairly new to the marketplace.