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Franklin Employment Numbers A Bit Conflicting

Franklin County’s unemployment rate jumped from 6.4 percent in September to 6.5 percent in October. The slight uptick comes, despite an increase in the number of people listed as employed by the New York State Department of Labor.
Ed Histed sorts it all out…

((That number… those unemployed, remained the same as in September in the county, standing at 1,400. But that’s a drop of some 300 from one year ago, when the number of unemployed people in Franklin County came in at 1,700 according to the state.
On the positive side, the number of employed people… those with jobs in the county, went up a bit. According the the State Labor Department, 19,800 people held down jobs in Franklin County in October, compared to 19,600 who were working in September. Those numbers are still however, less than one year ago, when in October, 2013, 20,200 people found work in Franklin County.
As for how both the unemployment rate and the number of employed people in the same area could both increase in any given month… well, the state Department of Labor couldn’t explain that one.
The highest unemployment in the state??? The Bronx comes in at 9 percent, jumping up half a percent from September.
The lowest rate in the state belongs to Tompkins County at 3.9 percent.))

Vote Due On Franklin Budget

Franklin County leaders will take a vote Dec. 4 on the 2015 county budget that contains a tax levy increase just barely squeaking under the state’s property tax cap.
Here’s Ed Histed with more…

((On Tuesday, county legislators said thay would vote on the new budget, that contains about $108 Million in spending and a 2.8 percent tax levy increase.
The levy, coming in at about $16 Million is right around $13,000 below the state mandated cap.
While county legislators say there are a few outstanding areas that still to be resolved, most notably contract negotiations with the two unions representing county employees, the budget as written, does allow room for settlements in those contract talks.
By law, the county must have a budget in place by Dec. 20. On a related note, the projected tax rates in the county’s 19 towns and six villages have not yet been calculated.))

Wood Boilers Still At Issue In Malone

In Malone, a proposal to rescind the ban on outdoor wood boilers is now headed to a Village Board committee after running into some unexpected issues with state environmental regulations.

((It was last month that Village Board members said they would consider backing off on their 2004 ban on the installation of outside wood boilers in Malone after Brent Supernault of Adirondack Hardware applied to the board to install a new wood boiler heating system at his East Main Street store. At the time, Code Enforcement Officer Charles Robert said state Department of Environmental Conservation regulations would prevent the installation.
State codes require that outdoor wood boilers be placed at least 150 feet from the building and at least 100 feet from the property line. That makes most properties in Malone, including the Adirondack Hardware location, too small to meet the code.
Village officials say no matter what they might want to do, village laws governing the boilers must be at least as restrictive as the state law, so there appears to be noting more they can do.
Meanwhile, some Malone residents are happy with the decision, saying they don’t want to see any wood boilers, citing smoke and partiulate emmissions that they say are unhealthy.
Meanwhile, those pushing for the change in the code, cite new boiler technology that they say has eliminated the smoke and emmissions of the past.
Meanwhile, no decision regarding any changes to the existing ban will be made until the committee has completed its own research.))

Attorney Sentenced To 18-Months In Federal Prison For Tax Fraud

An attorney from New York City who has represented Mohawk clients from Akwesasne for more than twenty years, was sentenced Friday to 18 months in federal prison for not filing state or federal tax returns for six years.
Ed Histed reports…

((61 year old Stanley Cohen will also be subject to one year of supervision upon his release from prison.
Cohen plead guilty April 14th to corruptly obstructing and impeding the Internal Revenue Service.
As part of his sentence, he will also have to pay all federal and state taxes for the years 2005 to 2010 and has been suspended from practicing. He must surrender to U.S. Marshals on Jan. 6th.
Prosecutors say in the tax year 2004, the last year Cohen filed a tax return, he claimed gross receipts of $289,000 when he had deposits of more than $426,000 for the year. Investigators also learned that for the years 2004 through 2010, Cohen had deposits totaling $3.67 million in his accounts.
Searches of his law office in New York City and his law office and home in Jeffersonville, Sullivan County, turned up the fact that Cohen kept no financial records regarding income or payments of fees from clients. From 2005 to 2010, he also failed to file tax documents for payments made to a law office assistant.
Investigators also proved that Cohen had residents of the Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation make wire transfers by MoneyGram directly to his accounts. Those wire transfers, which were also not reported, amounted to more than $643,000.))

Winter Driving Safety from NYSP

Winter’s fury lies just around the corner, New York State Police urge you to drive with care as the winter arrives. We spoke with Trooper Jenniffer Fleischman and she offered north country drivers some winter driving tips.

NY Farm Bureau offers immediate statement on Obama Immigration

We spoke with Steve Ammerman, Public Affairs Manager of the New York Farm Bureau and he offered the bureau’s position on the President’s Immigration Action and how it will affect farmers her in the North Country.

Franklin County Approves Ethics Policy Revisions

The Franklin County Legislature has approved a county ethics policy. The new policy will allow members of the ethics board, which by the way, has yet to be created, along with private citizens, to make inquiries into possible ethical violations by county officials and employees.
Here’s Ed Histed…

((The new policy replaces the old one, that was last revised in the 70’s, and is designed to create greater transparency in the county’s operations.
Two changes made to the policy since public hearings were held on the plan last month.
One, gives the ethics board and the public the authority to initiate queries into the actions of county elected officials and employees. The second limits the number of members of a single political party to be named to the five-member ethics board.
The policy as adopted prohibits any participation by a legislator who “knows or has reason to know that the action could confer a direct of indirect financial material benefit on himself or herself, a relative, or any private organization in which he or she is deemed to have an interest.”
Still, the policy is flexible, and can still be changed or adapted as situations arise.))

Plattsburgh Man Charged in Sex Assault on Chid

A Plattsburgh man has been charged with sexually assaulting a young child.
On Tuesday State Police charged 51-year-old Brian D. Jarbeau with predatory sexual assault against a child. According to NY State Police, He had sexual contact with a 6-year-old female child. Jarbeau was arraigned at Peru Town Court and was sent to Clinton County Jail without bail. He is to due to appear in Court on tomorrow (Friday).

Potsdam Police Take Hard Line On Donuts

Potsdam Police are taking a hard line against three teenagers for making donuts.
Ed Histed explains…

((We’re not talking about the kind of donuts you have with your morning coffee, but rather the kind made with tires.
Police charged the three with doing donuts in the Big Lots parking lot Tuesday night. They say the teens were creating a hazardous condition, so they hit them with charges of disorderly conduct.
Now, 19 year old Joseph Kjeldsen of Poughkeepsie; 18 year old Yengi Lado of Hannawa Falls; and 18 year old Jonathan Waters of Potsdam are in trouble for doing something that most teens, to be honest, have done at one time or another.
Apparently it was a slow night for Potsdam Police, as they also ticketed other drivers doing the same thing in the snowy parking lot at Clarkson University, and they issued verbal warnings about doing donuts to others at the high school and Pine Street arena parking lots.))

More Snow Coming to Portions of North Country

Portions of the north country got hammered with snow yesterday, well more is on the way as we here from the National Weather Service.