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Potsdam Baby Bear Cub in Dumpster

THe Police in Potsdam received an usual call this morning. Around 7:30 they got a call reporting a baby bear cub on Leroy Street in the vicinity of the Meadow East Apartments. When officers arrived they were able to contain the little guy in a dumpster until DEC arrived. DEC officers were able to remove the cub from the dumpster and relocate him without incident.

School District Scam

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today issued a consumer alert about a scam targeting school districts across New York and at least 21 other states. The scam involves a bogus company named Scholastic School Supply mailing phony invoices to school districts in the hope of receiving payments without rendering goods or services. One Rochester-area school district contacted the Attorney General’s Office to report receiving an invoice in the amount of $657.50 for an English Language Arts Practice Book that was never purchased or supplied. The scammer even included a self-addressed stamped envelope along with the fraudulent invoice. At least four other school districts in New York State have also reported receiving these invoices. The Better Business Bureau has reported that, as of earlier this month, it has received at least 51 complaints from school districts in 22 states and over 2,300 inquiries regarding this scam.
School districts that have been targeted are encouraged to file a complaint with the Consumer Frauds Bureau in Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Office by calling the Attorney General’s Consumer Hotline

Franklin County Fire Police Team To Disband

Following the discovery that it wasn’t a legal entity after all, the Franklin County Fire Police Team will be disbanded.
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((The startling message was delivered late last week by Franklin County Emergency Services, which said the approximately 16-member team will have to dissolve, and each municipality or fire district in the county will now be responsible for forming their own squad.
The action comes about after recent questions were raised about the county team, and specifically, why Franklin County had a team, but surrounding counties didn’t.
The county will officially shut down the team operations Dec. 1, but between now and then, the county’s fire districts and municipalities that have jurisdiction over fire departments will have the opportunity to pass resolutions to organize their own squads.))

Solar Power Under Serious Consideration In Malone

Malone village officials are considering placing about seven acres of solar panels at the closed village landfill on Cady Road.
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((According to The Malone Telegram, village officials say the old landfill is ideally situated near high capacity power lines that are necessary for the solar project, and the old landfill is not suitable for any other use because of environmental concerns, and the solar panel installation will produce savings in the “six figure range.”
Power generated by the proposed solar panels would be fed into the grid and credited toward the electrical bills for village operations like the Solid Waste Treatment Facility, the Public Works department, street lighting, water treatment plant and more.
According to the report, the entire project would be subsidized by tax credits and grants from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, with no cost to Malone.
Bids are expected to out next month and, if everything goes as scheduled, construction of the panels should begin next summer.))

Perfect Weekend Ahead

If you are enjoying the weather today the weekend is going to be a carbon copy of our weather today with sunshine and temps in the mid to upper seventies. And in many areas of the north country the fall foliage is approaching its peak. So it will be perfect weather to see the beauty of fall at its finest. Take a road trip and enjoy the flaming foliage here in New York.

Six MonthTent Sale Moratorium

THe Malone Telegram reports today that The Malone Town Board has approved a six-month moratorium on itinerant “tent sales” at the board’s regular meeting on last night. The action will allow town officials to revise the town code to better regulate activities of this nature.
The moratorium proposal was triggered by a request from an out-of-state auto dealer to hold a temporary sale in the ALDI plaza on U.S. Route 11.
Village officials were also concerned with a temporary auto sale that was held at the Malone Plaza on U.S. Route 11 prior to this request. Now they have six months to study the situation.

Constable Exploring Town Hall Options

In Constable, dozens of town residents turned out for a public meeting on new town hall options. Almost all of those in attendance said they were for the plan which keeps the new facility close to the center of town.
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((A nearly two-hour meeting was held at the fire hall, and no one denied the fact that the town needs a new town hall.
As it is now, town employees work out of their homes, and store records in the town office, and that’s a liability the town board said isn’t fair to them, and it’s not safe for the records either.
A small 16-by-16-foot room has been used for a courtroom. It’s so small, it doesn’t even meet state mandates and is far too small for trials. There have been times when attorneys have been forced to meet with their clients in the parking lot because of lack of room.
At the meeting, town officials told those who showed up, that given the state’s push for consolidation, Constable is at risk of losing its identity if it doesn’t soon come up with a suitable town hall and courtroom.))

FREE Tire Disposal Saturday

St. Lawrence County residents will have two places to go on Saturday to dispose of old tires ….FOR FREE. Waste tires may be dropped off between 8 a.m. and noon Sept. 27 at the Ogdensburg Transfer Station, 522 County Rt. 28A, the Arnold-Wagner Road, and at the Gouverneur Solid Waste Transfer Station, 1831 US Highway 11. Each household will be permitted to dispose of up to eight tires, with the usual $15 fee being waived. Tractor tires will be accepted, but must be cut in quarters. The events is being run by the St. Lawrence County Highway Department with the help of 48th District State Sen. Patty Ritchie.

Massena Man Arrested For Forgery

Yesterday New York State Police arrested 27-year-old Justin L. LaFleur of Massena for cashing forged checks. During August, LaFleur allededly stole checks from a 71-year-old victim and cashed four of them at two separate Community Bank locations in the village of Massena and Madrid, totaling approximately $1,395.00. LaFleur was charged with four counts of Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument, a class D Felony, and one count of Grand Larceny 4th Degree, a class E Felony. At the time of LaFleur’s arrest he was already being held at the St. Lawrence County Correctional Facility for a parole violation. He was arraigned in the Village of Massena Court and remanded back to the St. Lawrence County Correctional Facility in lieu of bail.

Malone Considering Truck Ban

In Saranac Lake, village leaders passed a truck ban, that keeps heavy truck traffic out of that village’s downtown. Now, some Malone leaders are hoping that they can be successful in doing the same thing.
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((It was discussed in detail at the board’s regular meeting Tuesday.
Saranac Lake officials, in passing the ban a week ago, said the “heavy truck traffic was hurting business and it wasn’t good for the community.” Now, Malone officials are thinking, “let’s do the same thing here”.
According to the Malone Telegram, Malone Village Police Chief Chris Premo last night, asked what delivery trucks would do if the ban was passed. He learned that, as in Saranac Lake, there would be exceptions for local deliveries.
Some local businesses would welcome the ban. It was discussed how the noise and grit generated by the truck traffic contributed to the failure of an outdoor eating area, and one of the funeral homes in town has to continually realign the pictures on its wall because the vibrations from passing trucks cause them to shift.
Concerns were also aired about the vibrations from all the truck traffic being more than just a nuisance, with some fearing that it is actually causing structural damage to some buildings close to the road.))