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Busy Travel Weekend At The Border

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection is warning that the border with Canada will be busy this weekend due to the Labor Day holiday in the United States.
Sept. 1 is also the statutory holiday Labour Day in Canada, making this one of the busiest weekends of the year at the border.
The agency suggests that travelers prepare for the inspection process before arriving at the customs booth.

Salmon River Approves Water Contract

The Salmon River Central School Board of Education has voted, by a 5-2 margin, to approve an agreement with the town of Fort Covington for the town to provide water service to the school district.
Ed Histed has more…

((Fort Covington already approved the contract last month.
In April, Salmon River chose Fort Covington’s proposal to serve as the municipal water source for the school district over a competing proposal submitted by the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe.
Last year, the state Department of Health ordered Salmon River to find a replacement for its water system after the geothermal heating and cooling system leaked, contaminating the well water with trace levels of acetone, a by-product of ethanol breakdown.
The agreement now calls for the water system to be completed by July 1, 2016.))

Consultant To Look Over Massena Hospital Situation

The members of the Massena town council voted unanimously Wednesday night to hire a consultant to help them decide what is best for Massena Memorial Hospital.
Ed Histed reports…

((A five-month contract with Newpoint Health Care, a consultant firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, will be inked at a cost of $12,000 per month.
As talks of privatization continue, one of the things that the consulting firm is expected to do is to visit and talk with potential partners and also talk with state officials, to gather information with which to make an informed decision on the hospital’s future.
One thing in particular that will be studied is whether Massena Memorial Hospital would be a feasible critical access hospital, whether the hospital is eligible for intergovernmental transfer money, and what the hospital’s pension liabilities would be should the hospital privatize.
They also will take a very close look at the hospital’s performance and determine what’s working and what’s not working, all in an effort to fix whatever needs fixing, or do whatever needs doing in order to stem the flow of red ink at the hospital and strengthen it so that it can continue to survive and serve the area.))

Malone Water Is Good, But Not The Best In The State

Malone’s water was chosen as the best tasting water in the north country at a competition held back in May in Saranac Lake. It was also chosen best tasting water during Potsdam’s Summer Festival in July.
But the people who judged it at the New York State Fair in Syracuse chose the water from the Schenectady County community of Rotterdam as best in the state in the 28th annual New York Tap Water Taste Contest held at the State Fair.
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((The New York State Department of Health announced on Tuesday, that Remsen’s water was selected the runner-up.
The New York State Tap Water Taste Contest is “a non-scientific, friendly competition intended to highlight the importance of taste and quality in drinking water, according to the health department.
Malone draws its water from an underground source above Titus Mountain.
When a hydrologist did a study in 2005, he found it to be the highest quality water in the area. Village officials say very little needs to be done to the water , other than to add chlorine.
Rotterdam’s win marks the second time in three years water from a Schenectady County community has gotten the honor.))

DNA Samples Requested In Amish Case

St. Lawrence County District Attorney Mary E. Rain filed a motion Monday morning, seeking to have DNA samples submitted by the Hermon couple, who stand charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting two Amish children earlier this month.
Ed Histed is following the story…

((A hearing on that motion is set for the morning of Sept. 10.
39 year old Stephen Howells II and 25 year old Nicole Vaisey, who are both from Hermon, are both being held without bail in St. Lawrence County jail after allegedly abducting the two Amish girls from their home on Aug. 13th, by luring the girls into their car with a puppy.
Prosecutors say the couple then chained the girls together at the ankles and handcuffed them to a bedpost in their home and sexually assaulted them before they were released 24 hours later.))

Constable man arrested in Malone weekend burglary

A Constable man was arrested for Burglarizing a Malone home on Wind Mill Lane on Saturday.
Police arrested 36 year old Alan Gray on Burglary charges yesterday. He reportedly entered the home and stole a tablet and camera on Saturday. Gray is sitting in the Franklin County Jail in Lieu of Bail.

Massena Gets $$ For Downtown Redevelopment

In Massena, the Town Council recently earmarked $20,000 in gaming compact revenue to be used for downtown redevelopment.
They now have decided to put the Massena Business Development Corporation in charge of how that money is spent.
$1,750 was granted to the Downtown Historic Preservation Committee, leaving $18,250 available for other downtown projects.
Council suggested letting the Business Development Council distribute the funds, however they suggested that it would be best spent if spread out, and not all in one place.

Memorandum Of Understanding Reached Between Massena Schools and Boys & Girls Club

The Massena Central School District’s Board of Education has approved a memorandum of understanding that will allow the Boys and Girls Club of Massena to operate two days a week beginning this fall out of Jefferson Elementary School.
But according to the Malone Telegram, before the paperwork is signed, their attorney will review the paperwork, and also add a termination clause that would allow them to end the arrangement if necessary.
As part of the agreement, the club will implement the Boys and Girls Club of America’s programming as an after-school program; make membership in the club available to all students; act as a host for after-school program activities and events; provide training for the club’s staff and volunteers; work with Jefferson’s staff and volunteers to devise programs that will “support the growth and progress of after-school participants;” and help recruit and train volunteer mentors for the after-school program.
In return, the school will make its facilities available for the programming and joint activities; act as a host site for after-school program activities and special events; work with club staff and volunteers to devise programs to support the growth and progress of participants; help recruit and train volunteer mentors; and identify appropriate students for referral to the program.

Former Duane Food Pantry Worker Now Facing Up To 4 Years Behind Bars

The former director of the Town of Duane Food Pantry has been arrested.
52 year old Lisa Laflesh of Owls Head, is now charged with a felony count of first-degree scheming to defraud for allegedly giving away food meant for the needy to friends and co-workers.
Laflesh now faces the possibility of as much as 4 years in state prison according to District Attorney Derek Champagne.
The charges against Laflesh, say she defrauded the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York by picking up items belonging to the food pantry at the reserve center in Malone back in June, and then dropped off food items off at a number of other locations other than the Duane pantry.
The food reportedly went to ineligible people, such as co-workers, family members and friends.
More charges could be filed as the investigation unfolds.
Upon word of the arrest, Laflesh was immediately terminated by the pantry.

MAlone Tackles Asbestos

The village of Malone has applied to become a state-certified asbestos handling company.

((But there’s more to it than what initially meets the eye.
It’s won’t mean village crews will be doing any asbestos remediation.
The village simply needed to obtain the certification in order for the village Code Enforcement Officer to conduct asbestos inspections and air quality monitoring.
Having a town employee with the ability to legally perform those tasks will enable the village to avoid having to hire outside firms to do that work, which will save money.
The village has had to hire private contractors to do asbestos remediation for a number of dilapidated buildings which have been abandoned by their owners. Most, if not all of those old buidings, were found to contain asbestos, which greatly increases the costs associated with demolition. Now, those costs will be more controlled.))