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Red Cross Needs Blood

The American Red Cross has put out a plea for blood donors to help prevent a summer shortage. Do you donate blood? Call the Red Cross to find a blood drive near you.

Champagne Campaign

After over 16 years as a prosecutor and over 12 years as an elected District Attorney, Derek Champagne on Friday, announced his intent to seek nominations and circulate petitions for the newly created Franklin County Family Court Judge position.
Ed Histed has more on this story…

((During his time as a Prosecutor in the County, DA Champagne has been responsible for the prosecution of over 15,000 criminal cases. These cases have included: murders, attempted murders, rapes, serious assaults, narcotics and other serious crimes.
Mr. Champagne has formed a committee to assist in his election efforts.
During Champagne’s tenure as District Attorney, he has successfully secured State and Federal grants, expanded the office (by using seized Narcotics funds), established the County Border Narcotics Taskforce and obtained convictions on every homicide. On a state wide level, DA Champagne oversaw the first implementation of an ethics manual for all District Attorneys’ Offices, he worked with the New York State Bar Association to establish statewide videotaping of interrogations and worked towards, and was present for, the signing of the “All Crimes DNA” bill which has provided hundreds of names to DNA profiles on previously unsolved Rapes and Murders.))

Hydro Plant Soon To Be Operating Again After 7-Years Dormant

Plans to revitalize an old hydroelectric plant in our area became a little more real Wednesday, when Travis Pritchard and Tim Carter of TAP Industries gave local officials a tour of the old plant on the Salmon River in Malone, and told of their plans for it.
Ed Histed has the story…

((The two told local officials that eventually, they plan to generate enough excess electricity to be able to sell it on the grid, and within the next two years, they will be utilizing 100 percent of the electricity that is generated from the power house right there at TAP Industries, where they will be running equipment for grinding, melting and washing plastics.
The company reported that they already been able to acquire the license for the penstock, turbine, generator, dam and hydroelectric plant,
The hydro plant has been sitting idle, and hasn’t generated any power for seven years. This will be something new again for Malone according to the Malone Telegram, which reports that once it’s up and running, another 10 to 30 local jobs will be created at TAP.))

Ham Radio Weekend

Though advancements in communication are constantly being made, the days of amateur radio are not over.

The amateur radio field days are coming up this Saturday and Sunday. Sponsored by the American Radio Relay League and the Radio Amateurs of Canada, the North Franklin Amateur Radio Society will host a station at the model aircraft flying field at the intersection of McCarthy Road and Bowen Road in Brushton. The group will be located there from 2 p.m. Saturday until 2 p.m. Sunday broadcasting and communicating with other stations around the world over the airwaves. The group will operate on the site for 24 hours straight utilizing generators and emergency equipment to show visitors how it all still works.

Money Back!

The Malone Central School District plans to reimburse the Cerebral Palsy Association of the North Country in Malone.
The district will give back half of the 2013-14 taxes the not-for-profit organization paid after figuring out that the association’s tax exemption was removed by mistake.
Ed Histed has more…

((It all comes after the Malone assessor last year took away the exemption for the Cerebral Palsy Association because she believed that they were practicing medicine above and beyond their duties for the Cerebral Palsy Association.
After a lot of discussion and investigation into the matter, the school’s attorney, as well as the association’s attorney, have agreed that the school should refund 50 percent of the taxes the association paid for the year.))

[TAG] That means that $6,287.23 will be refunded for the 2013-14 tax bill.
The money will come from a tax reserve account.

School Security Stepped Up

Security will soon be tightened up at the Chateaugay school.
Ed Histed explains…

((The board was told on Monday by the school district maintenance supervisor, that visitor security will be getting more strict in order to better control who enters the buildings and keep tabs on where they’re headed.
The visitor’s entrance will be moved from its location near the high school office to the elementary school entrance.
In addition, a double set of locked doors that visitors will have to be buzzed through will be installed this summer.
As it is now, the public can enter the building after being buzzed through one set of doors at the visitor’s entrance, where visitors speak through an intercom to the high school office before gaining access.
Security concerns with that system stem from the fact that there is no clear view of the doors from the office, so a person entering the building could roam in any direction once they got in without office staff knowing.
The new entrance is right outside the windows of the elementary school office.
School officials say the new entrance location is better because the majority of school visitors during the daytime are there to pick up or drop off elementary-aged students.))

Troopers make arrest in UCC Benefit theft

Yesterday, the New York State Police arrested 29-year-old Adam L. Stevens of Saranac Lake for Grand Larceny 3rd Degree subsequent to an investigation by the New York State Department of Labor. Stevens unlawfully obtained unemployment insurance benefits from May 16, 2011, through January 15, 2012, totaling $8631 during a time when he was gainfully employed. Stevens was arraigned in the Town of Harrietstown Court and committed to the Franklin County Jail in lieu of bail.

Waverly Control Officer Asking For New Animal Holding Pen

The Waverly Dog Control Officer is asking town officials there for a site where a small building can be put up to house cats and dogs.
Ed Histed tells us more…

((Donna Bailey requested to have something built on a small section of land near the entrance to the St. Regis Falls Scenic Campground , which already includes municipal water and sewer hookup.
Bailey says it’s needed because there are currently “too many cats” at Sweetie’s Cat Closet in Malone, and more than half of them came from the Waverly area.
She said that while she doesn’t have to deal with as many dogs as she does cats, she still needs to hold some for a day or two.
She said if the area is approved, the shelter will be a satellite to the Malone shelter.
The Waverly Town Board is expected to make a decision at the next board meeting on Wednesday, July 15, at 7 p.m.))

Malone Highway Superintendent Facing Charges,,, Resigns

He’s calling it quits.
Thomas Shanty, the Town of Malone Highway Superintendent, has submitted his letter of resignation to Franklin County District Attorney Derek Champagne.
Ed Histed fills us in with the details… **NOTE LENGTH OF VO**

((Shanty’s resignation is effective tomorrow [Friday].
Champagne’s office said the resignation was required as a precondition to any resolution of the charges against Shanty, who has been charged with 11 counts of official misconduct.
The resignation letter was short and to the point… just one sentence: “Please be advised that I hereby tender my resignation as Town Highway Superintendent effective June 20, 2014.”
Champagne said last week that if Shanty did not resign from his town position within the week, the District Attorney’s Office would pursue legal steps to force him to resign.
An order of protection was issued when Shanty was first charged. That order bars him from going to the town offices or town garage, and from contacting any town employees. Officials say that order remains in effect despite his resignation.
Shanty may not have been legally able to work since the charges were filed, he has continued to draw his town salary.
The original complaint which was filed last month, alleged Shanty made trips to the St. Regis Mohawk reservation to buy cigarettes in a town vehicle. The additional charges, filed last week, accuse him of taking material from the town for his personal use and directing town employees to do private work for him while they were still being paid by the town.
According to the DA, Shanty could very well be facing two years in jail for his actions.
He has a checkered past…
Shanty was first elected highway superintendent in 2009, shortly after he served a 30-day suspension for allegedly testing positive for marijuana following a December 2008 accident that happened while he was driving a snow plow.))

Pistol Permits for Part Time NY Residents

Franklin County DA Derek Champagne has issued a statement regarding concealed handgun permits for part time New York Residents. He said case law supports permits for part time residents. The DA wants to get the word out as the summer season kicks off and summer residents arrive. He said his office supports part time residents’ efforts to legally obtain a pistol permit in Franklin County as New York does not recognize any other state’s permits.
He said case law allows part time residents that same right to carry as full time residents. If you have any questions call the DA’s office in Malone or the Sheriff.