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Burke Woman Sues Walmart

A North Country resident is suing Wal-Mart after an item fell off a shelf in local super-center back in March of 2011, and hit her in the head.
Ed Histed has more…

((Sandra L. Smith of Burke says in her suit that she “sustained serious personal injury” when the object hit her.
In her suit, Smith claims Wal-Mart is culpable for the incident after “maintaining a dangerous display on items for sale without proper safeguard for the patrons,” along with failing to secure potentially hazardous displays, warn patrons of danger, adequately inspect the display or have sufficient personnel to ensure stability.
Smith claims that the accident caused her to lose time from work and therefore, lose income.
The complaint demands unspecified judgment against Wal-Mart.))

Opposition To Inmate Education Plan Growing

Opposition to Gov Cuomo’s proposal to provide a college education to state prison inmates continues to receive statewide opposition.
It’s also being opposed here locally. This week, the Salmon River School Board officially went on record as opposing the plan.
It was proposed that the board send a letter to the governor suggesting that when he gets the foundation aid and the gap elimination straightened out, then he might want to start to worry about inmates. The board says their letter should suggest to the governor that he take care of kids first.
Last week, Cuomo proposed a program to offer associate and bachelor’s degree education at 10 state prisons.
Under the proposal, the state would spend up to $5,000 per year to help a prisoner get a college degree. That cost would be in addition to the $60,000 a year it already costs to house a prisoner.

Potsdam Library Computer Classes in March

The Potsdam Public Library at 2 Park Street, is offering free computer, iPad and business classes during the month of March. The have lots of great programs to tweak your computer skills. find out more at potsdam library dot org.

Weekend Weather

Spring may be a mere three weeks away but the North Country remains in Winter’s artic grip this weekend. Tonight’s low for Malone is expected to hit thirteen below with wind shills to 23 below. Snow showers are likely off and on right throught he weekend with daytime highs Saturday in the upper twenties, Sunday’s high only near twelve. Very cold temperatures expected to continue into early next week.
So, hopefully the old saying will hold true, In like a lion, out like a lamb. One can only hope.

Investigation Continues in Mysterious Deaths of Sparks Couple

Police responded to a call Tuesday to a report that a man and woman had been found unresponsive inside a home located in the 700 block of Glen Molly. Investigators later identified the bodies as Kenneth and Sheryl Kelleher. Their bodies discovered by a relative. Police have released few details about the scene, only that have not found any obvious signs that a crime or other foul play occured in the home. Investigators did confirm that Kenneth Keller was most recently employed at the Silver Legacy casino in Reno. No information was offered on Mrs. Kelleher. No word on when results of the autopsies would be avaialable.

NY Attorney General Wins Right to Sue Sprint for Underpaying Taxes

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Thursday, announced a major victory in his first-of-its-kind lawsuit against Sprint-Nextel Corp. for deliberately undercollecting and underpaying millions of dollars in New York State and local sales taxes on flat-rate access charges for wireless calling plans. Brought under the New York False Claims Act, the Attorney General’s lawsuit requires Sprint to pay three times its underpayment of approximately $130 million, plus penalties, if found liable. All of Sprint’s major wireless competitors have followed the law regarding these taxes. Sprint had asked the court to dismiss the Attorney General’s lawsuit. On July 1, 2013, Supreme Court Justice O. Peter Sherwood denied the request. Sprint appealed the decision to the Appellate Division- which unanimously upheld Justice Sherwood’s ruling.

Woolf Speaks

Now he’s speaking.. Aaron Woolf made a statement yesterday about his purported candidacy. Ed Histed has that story…

((The “almost but not quite” Democratic candidate for the 21st Congressional District seat that is currently held by Rep. William L. Owens of Plattsburgh, said Wednesday that he’s planning a formal announcement of his candidacy sometime in Mid-March.
Aaron Woolf told the Watertown Times, that he was “absolutely thrilled” with the support the 12 Democratic county committee chairpersons gave him on Feb. 12 when they endorsed his candidacy.
Yesterday, Woolf told the newspaper that when he is ready for his announcement, at which time he will present himself to the press and the public. He also promised to mount what he referred to as a “serious” and vigorous campaign for the seat.))

Watertown Woman Charged with Welfare Fraud

Food Stamp Fraud lands a Watertown woman behind bars. Julius White reports.

Invesigators say 49-year old Connie Schack as arrested Wednesday on four felony counts of receiving improper welfare benefits. The Waterown Daily Times reports Schack was busted at the Metro-Jefferson Public Safety Building on charges that she received between $1,000 to $3,000 in improper benefits dating back to May 2010. She’s charged with third-degree welfare fraud, third-degree grand larceny, misuse of food stamps and first-degree offering a false instrument for filing. Schack was processed at the jail, where she remains awaiting arraigment.

Malone Ponders Homeless Shelter

The Malone village board on Monday voted to put a 90-day hold on the creation of any new boardinghouses in the downtown area.
The proposal yesterday, came following review of plans to convert the old Woolworth Building on Main Street into a homeless shelter.
While village officials wanted to make it clear that they were not against the formation of a shelter for area homeless, they were concerned about one being set up in a storefront location in the downtown business area.
Temporary lodging operations are permitted in the business district under village zoning codes, but the building owner’s plans to convert the storefront would, according to village officials, require a change of use permit.
According to the Malone Telegram, a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting was called last week to consider a request by the building owner for such a permit, but that meeting was postponed to March 13th, when the owner never showed up.

Chateaugay Gas Results Impressive

Already, the Chateaugay Town Board is saving as much as $15 a day on its heating bill following the installation back in December of new propane-fired boilers.
Town officials say it takes about 40 gallons of propane each day to heat the town hall and the bowling alley in the building. That costs the town about $90 a day. When the building was being heated with oil, the cost was about $110 a day.
Officials were further impressed because the figure of $110 for oil heat was based on past winters which recently haven’t been quite as cold as this winter. Therefore, the actual savings may possibly end up being even greater.
Further savings will be possible this coming December, when the town will convert from propane to natural gas, which can easily be done with the new boilers.
That’s because natural gas will be available as the gas pipeline is run through the town.