The water has officially been turned on in one North Glengarry village… with a “tap-turning” ceremony that was held Friday afternoon in Maxville. It officially marked the arrival of water flowing to Maxville by a pipeline from Alexandria. The big event was held at the Maxville water tower. North Glengarry Mayor Jamie MacDonald presided, and was joined by council membersm and other dignitaries. MacDonald thanked everyone involved in what has been the municipality’s largest-ever infrastructure project.


The New York State Police in Malone are investigating an incident that occured Sunday night around 8 on State Route 37 and Frye Road in Fort Covington. It all began when troopers pulled over a vehicle for a violation, but the driver took off and did not stop… starting a pursuit by State Police that continued onto Frye Road and then Quain Road. Those in the vehicle were eventually caught and were taken into custody. The investigation continues today. NY State Police were assisted by the US Border Patrol, the NY State Forest Rangers, and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.


A recent state inspection of the bridge at the intersection of county routes 3, 4 and 42 in Fort Covington turned up some disturbing news…. The bridge… which was built back in the 1940’s… is in serious need of some work if it is to remain safe for vehicular traffic in the days to come. While the bridge isn’t unsafe right now, that might change down the road because of crubling concrete and simply… its age. In order to fix it, a $1 Million project will be kicked off this coming summer to replace the entire bridge. That will mean some short term problems for some drivers, because the bridge will be closed while that work is underway. When finished, the new bridge will be a much longer bridge, with a total price tag expected to be around $1.4 million. The Highway Department is paying 5%.. or about $70,000… from its budget. The rest of money is coming from the state Department of Transportation, along with some federal funding too. Construction will begin after school is out for the summer, but it will most likely not be finished when school starts again next fall, so buses will still have to deal with a detour for a while. An exact finish date has not yet been projected.


President Trump achieved a major bipartisan victory on Thursday with the Senate’s overwhelming passage of the USMCA trade agreement. The new trade agreement updates NAFTA, and is the biggest and most comprehensive trade deal in history, anc combined with the phase one signing of the China trade deal, it helps reestablish the United States as the globe’s dominant producer of goods and services. The North Country Chamber of Commerce is welcoming Thursday’s bi-partisan approval of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Garry Douglas, Chamber President, said that nothing is more broadly and deeply important to the economy of the North Country than our multi-faceted and growing economic partnership with Canada. Douglas said interest from Canada in growing business in the U.S. via the North Country has never been stronger. He called yesterday’s trade agreement, good news for the entire North Country region.


The sale of a stolen snowmobile led to a Cornwall man being arrested. Cornwall Police say 28 year old Ryan Migneault sold a stolen snowmobile, which led to an investigation. Migneault was taken into custody, and now is charged with possession of property obtained by crime and fraud under $5,000. For now, he has been released, but he was ordered to appear in court on February 13.


The face of Downtown Malone could soon be much better looking, all thanks to some grant money that is headed to the village. According to an announcement this week by the Franklin County Industrial Development Agency, Malone been awarded a $20,000 grant to help business owners, and to educate them on how downtown buildings can be renovated to make them more eye appealing, through a facade feasibility study that will be done on some buildings. It means an architect will look at an existing building, and then draw up a rendering of what that building would look like if it were restored. The purpose of the whole project is to better position downtown Malone for a future New York Main Street facade grant, just like what is already underway in Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake. It will all be done while also maintaining the historical heritage of Malone. The design work on the buildings will start soon and it expected to be completed by early this summer.


Dozens of public school teachers represented by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation marched Wednesday, in front of Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School, as part of a campaign of rotating strikes across the province. The union representatives at the picket in Cornwall said they are looking for changes made to the education system last year to be reversed, including putting the average class size back to 22 students for every teacher, scrapping mandatory e-learning courses, and adding a cost-of-living raise.


The Franklin County Industrial Development Agency now says they will pay to have electrical service restored to a vacant warehouse on the former Gildan clothing factory property at a cost of about $4,100. It is seen as a very small investment with potential for a big positive return when the property is sold. The building has been vacant for many years, but is now being leased by the town of Bombay, but that lease is temporary, and not very profitable. The six month lease with the IDA costs the town of Bombay a dollar. There is currently only very limited electrical service in the building… just enough to power a security system. Plans call for installation of a second panel box. While the building has neither plumbing nor running water, and has stood vacant for years, some board members did raise questions about whether or not it would be worth it to spend $4,000 on it, but others said having electrical power in the building will help sell it.


Derek Ali is an engineer with DFA Infrastructure International. Ali prepared a very detailed report on the Cornwall landfill, which is expected to close in 2032. He told city council this week, that they need to start planning right now, and begin putting money aside to cover the current waste system’s costs, the cost of maintaining the site after it closes, and how things will change over the next 25 years. Many of his predictions are going to require a lot of money. Ali says when the current landfill closes in 2032, the city will be faced both the need for a new facility, and 50 years of post-closure costs at the old one.


The investigation continues, after Akwesasne Mohawk Police officers seized large quantities of marijuana in St. Regis on January 9th. It happened as officers were conducting joint operations with the RCMP late that afternoon, and a vessel not using any navigation equipment was seen approaching Cornwall Island, where it beached at a landing and received several large bags transferred from a UTV.. then the vessel then went to a private residence where the bags were transferred into a waiting pickup truck. Officers seized the pickup truck, and eight hockey-bag sized bags, filled with vacuum-sealed packages of marijuana weighing a total of almost 128 kilograms (282 pounds). Police estimated the street value of the marijuana at $500,000 to $760,000, and that it was destined for re-sale in the U.S.